2022: The Year in Review – October

The queens, presidents and ladies-in-waiting for Fogueres 2023 were elected. Both Chulvi (PSOE) and Cardona (PP) confirm their running for the top job in 2023. And what’s this about a new luxury hotel?

Saturday 31st December 2022 · Mike Smith
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The World in October

An explosion caused the partial collapse of the bridge connecting Crimea and Russia, killing three; Russia retaliated by launching a number of missile strikes against Ukraine, particularly against Kyiv. Later in the month, the country pulled out of a UN-brokered deal on grain shipments in retaliation to alleged Ukrainian drone attacks on the Russian Black Sea fleet. Xi Jinping was elected as Chinese Communist Party General Secretary, handed a third term as the leader of China. Elon Musk paid $44 million for social media service Twitter. At least 158 people are killed and almost 200 injured in a crowd crush in Seoul, South Korea as Halloween revellers celebrating after COVID-19 social distancing restrictions were lifted packed into a narrow alleyway lined with clubs.

In Spain, an agreement was signed with France to build a new gas pipeline which would link Barcelona and Marseille which would allow excess supplies in Spain and Portugal to be distributed across Europe quicker. During the month, it was reported that Spanish ports were almost at capacity for offloading liquefied natural gas (LNG) and that dozens of ships were forced to wait offshore. The Spanish government adopted a series of measures aimed at encouraging the public to install solar panels to generate their own electricity, as the energy crisis sparked by Russia’s war in Ukraine continued; these include tax breaks and collective power generation on apartment blocks. Spain finally dropped the requirement of visitors from non-EU countries, including the UK and USA, having to provide proof of vaccination against Covid-19, a recent negative test result, or recovery to enter the country. The Spanish government announced a new €3 billion aid plan for homes struggling with soaring energy prices, including €375 payments for heating costs. The Senate approved a landmark bill that would ban expressions of support for the former dictator Francisco Franco, and seek to bring ‘justice’ to the victims of the 1936-1939 Civil War and the ensuing dictatorship.

In the UK, more than 50,000 rail workers went on strike whilst thousands across the country attended rallies protesting against the rising cost of living. The Government announced that it would abandon its proposal to scrap the top rate of income tax as Liz Truss said she was focusing on “growth, growth, growth” and condemned the “anti-growth coalition”. As the Bank of England warned on a “material risk” to financial stability in the UK, Kwasi Kwarteng was dismissed as Chancellor of the Exchequer and replaced by Jeremy Hunt who then told the House of Commons that he would reverse almost all the tax measures from the mini-budget. Inflation rose to 10.1%. Three days later, Liz Truss threw in the towel and announced her resignation after just 45 days in the top job, becoming the shortest PM in UK history. In a swift Conservative Party leadership election, Riski Sunak became the new PM-designate, the first British-Asian Prime Minister and the youngest in over 200 years. He was appointed on October 25th, acknowledging that “some mistakes had been made” by his predecessors but promised to prioritise UK economic stability.

Xàbia in October

02: In an emotional ceremony, Arantxa Pons Escudero was elected as 2023’s Regina de la Foguera with Elia Marí Bolufer and Lucía Llidó Vallés as the First Lady in Waiting and Second Lady in Waiting respectively.

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04: The Soler Blasco Municipal Museum in Xàbia and the University of Alicante began the first set of archaeological excavations on the island of Portitxol as part of the four-year General Research Plan which was approved by the regional government’s Ministry of Culture.

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05: José Chulvi faces what could be his fourth term as head of the Xàbia Council after it was officially announced in an act held in the new Casa del Poble del PSOE de Xàbia and surrounded by the majority of the councilors who have accompanied him in the legislatures of 2011, 2015 and 2019.

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06: The Casa de la Candelaria has been waiting for a comprehensive reform for years. Until that arrives, and while the cables are removed from the façade and the building is consolidated so that it does not sink, the local council is already thinking that it could be necessary to permanently close Carrer de L’Escola to vehicles.

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07: It was announced that Auren Consultores had been awarded the contract for the preparation of the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism that was launched at the beginning of summer by the Department of Tourism of Xàbia.

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07: It was reported that the Moors and Christians in Xàbia would have a new president of its organising committee, known as ‘Junta de Festes’. Abel Moll Juliá (Filà Almoradins) would be leading the board for the next two years.

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09: On a very special day for the Valencian people, the sun was shining for the annual award ceremony for the ‘Premis 9 d’Octubre Vila de Xàbia’ and the town came out in force to congratulate the recipients of these prestigious municipal awards, this year given to Pep Segarra, Esperanza Salvatierra and the Centre d’Artìstic Municipal de Xàbia (CAM).

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10: It was reported that the Regional Electoral Committee (CER) of the Partido Popular (PP) of the Comunidad Valenciana had approved the candidates of 27 municipalities with more than 20,000 residents for the next municipal elections, including the candidacy in Xàbia, which Rosa Cardona will lead again.

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14: The councillor responsible for Sports in Xàbia, Alberto Tur, gave an update on the project to build a second sport centre in the town, reporting that the escalation of prices in recent months had forced the local council to request a review of the cost of the project before its final approval and thus avoid the problems that other public projects are experiencing.

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14: The Policía Local de Xàbia received the Honorary Distinction of the Guardia Civil. The national security force recognised the work and collaboration of the local police force, especially police dog handler Alberto Reyes in the speciality of search, location and rescue of missing people.

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17: The ISVH Balcón al Mar Voluntarios carried out more than 1,000 hours of vigilance in the control and prevention of fires in Xàbia. They worked tirelessly between June and September, carrying out daily patrols around the southern area of the municipality and checking fire hydrants for correct operation, reporting those that they found to be faulty.

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19: This year marks a moment of great symbolism in the history of water supply in Xàbia. November 4th marks the 100th anniversary of the inauguration of the town’s first water distribution network. To mark this centenary, AMJASA has published a book “L’Aigua a Xàbia: Les Fonts de la Vila’ and a commemorative documentary commission by the Municipal Archive.

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19: The residents of Thiviers demanded that not only do the local government team give them a firm commitment to complete the works on the Parque Reina Sofía as soon as possible, but that it also “does something else” and eliminate the basketball cage that has been built in the centre of the park.

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19: It was reported that the Valencian Institute of Conservation, Restoration and Research had completed the restoration of the 53 gold coins from the 4th and 5th centuries that were found on the coast of Xàbia in August 2021 and that they would be returned to Xàbia to be displayed in the municipal museum.

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21: The Department of Beaches in Xàbia has presented a review of the summer season after the lifeguard service provided by the Cruz Roja came to an end on October 12th. The lifeguard and surveillance service carried out a total of 2,129 responses during the season.

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22: Mayor José Chulvi has issued a statement in response to claims by the opposition parties of PP, Compromís and Ciudadanos that the socialist-led local government was in process reclassifying land on which the the municipal architect’s villa was located in order to legalise its position.

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23: The Virgen de los Desamparados, the patron saint of Valencia, visited Xàbia as part of the commemorative acts of the centenary of the canonical coronation of the image as patron saint of the Valencian people, bringing the venerated dedication closer to the different municipalities.

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23: The controversial reinforcement works of the eastern breakwater in the Port of Xàbia continued and the disappearance of the Cala del Pope was finally achieved after a large crane filled in the space of the old stone beach.

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23: It was reported that Diputación de Alicante had allocated a total of 60,000 euros to different projects to improve energy efficiency in Xàbia, within the framework of the Provincial Energy Saving Plan, including street lighting in Tosalet.

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24: It was reported that a company from Gandia had submitted a proposal to the town hall in Xàbia for the construction of a 124-room hotel in Avenida dels Furs, close to the port area of the town. According to a statement by the developer, they had recently acquired the site with the participation of local real estate company Rimontgó.

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25: Juan Cardona, Vicent Colomer and Llucia Signes of Compromís per Xàbia presented their resignation from the nationalist coalition after failing to obtain the support of the group after starting the project four years ago.

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27: It was reported that the young women from the Escuela de Baile Endanza de Xàbia took Spain to the top in the International Dance Competition held in Belgium. The dancers Chloe, Kamyla, Sofía, Tania, Yelitza, Marisol, Estela, Celia, Zuzanna, Eva and Karen. led by teacher Carmen Villanueva, triumphed with the choreography called “The Jokers” which had brought them so much success.

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28: It was reported that Xàbia Council and the municipal water company AMJASA were carrying out improvement and maintenance work on several of the town’s fountains. This project, which coincided with the centenary of the inauguration of the first water network in the town, aimed to value local heritage and at the same time, encourage the recovery of its use.

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28: The councilor responsible for Economic Development in Xàbia, Marta Bañuls, announced her resignation at the monthly plenary session which will be the last in which she will participate.

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31: It was reported that Xàbia Council had opted to freeze IBI (property tax) contributions for 2023 and maintain the 17% discount approved last year in order to sustain its support for residents as the global cost-of-living crisis continues to bite.

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