2022: The Year in Review – September

The port celebrated the 125th anniversary of the Loreto fiesta in style although a judge forced the church bells to stop chiming. The fireworks were launched twice whilst TriXàbia took place despite the rain. And it was confirmed that José Chulvi would run for fourth term as mayor.

Saturday 31st December 2022 · Mike Smith
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The World in September

With Russia continuing with its invasion of Ukraine, the G7 economies imposed a price cap on Russian petroleum exports. After Ukraine launches a massive counter-offensive in the east of the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilisation across the country and threatens nuclear retaliation, warning that “this is not a bluff”. Referendums called by Russian occupation authorities in Donetsk, Luhank, parts of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia claim overwhelming support for annexation by Russia, but the result is widely dismissed. Within days, Putin signed treaties absorbing these territories into the Russian Federation in a grand ceremony in Moscow; the annexation was condemned by the international community as a breach of international law. Hurricane Fiona hit the Caribbean and eastern Canada, causing almost $5.9 billion worth of damage; just two weeks later, Hurricane Ian smashes into Cuba and the USA, killing 157 and leaving millions without power. Protests erupted in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the country’s so-called ‘morality police’. Italian elections resulted in the country’s most right-wing government since 1945.

In Spain, one person died after Storm Hermine crashed into the country, bringing period of intense heavy rain and strong winds which caused flooding and forced the cancellation of 600 flights in the Canary Islands. The Spanish Government confirmed that VAT on feminine hygiene products was to be slashed from 10% to 4%. In a recent study, the OCU found that on average a woman spends around €2,000 on feminine products during her lifetime.

In the UK, Liz Truss was elected as leader of the Conservative Party, beating Rishi Sunak, to become Prime Minister. Just days after being appointed at Balmoral, Truss joined the world in mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II, aged 96. Charles became King and head of the Commonwealth of Nations. The state funeral took place on September 19th, the Queen being laid to rest next to her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. Prime Minister Liz Truss announced plans to limit energy bills for two years. Inflation fell slightly to 9.9% but the food price index reached a 14-year-high of 13.1%. The pound reached a new 37-year-low against the US dollar ($1.13) as the Bank of England raised the interest rate to 2.25%. New chancellor delivered an emergency ‘mini-budget’ to announce the biggest round of tax cuts since 1972, including the scrapping of the 45% top rate of income tax and lifting the cap of bankers’ bonuses. As Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called the mini-budget “reckless”, the pound fell sharply against the US dollar to hit an all-time low of $1.03 and the International Monetary Fund urged the UK government to re-evaluate its fiscal policy. The Bank of England was forced to buy ₤65 billion worth of government bonds to prevent the collapse of the country’s pension funds whilst more than 1,000 mortgage products were withdrawn from the market.

Xàbia in September

05: CD Jávea kicked off the 2022-2023 season with a narrow 1-0 home win over SD Sueca, the opening goal scored by xabiero Rubén Ortolá. Hopes of a victory encouraging a decent season for the troubled club were soon dashed though.

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05: The 21st century finally arrived in the underground car parks of Xàbia and drivers can now pay by card at the parking payment machines. Such a relevant technological advance has not been possible until this year when the specifications of the contract forced an update the machines.

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05: A 125th anniversary is not celebrated every day. The festivities in honor of the Mare de Déu de Loreto are one of the oldest celebrations in Xàbia and the one that has been best preserved and grown over the years. The anniversary is very special and the residents of Duanes de la Mar know exactly how to respond as expected in order to magnify it.

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06: The Alicante Provincial Council granted two subsidies worth 241,642 euros to the Department of Social Services in Xàbia, the first intended to cover expenses caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, whilst the second to help cover the costs of assisting refugee families fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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07: It was reported that the Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar (CHJ), which, amongst other things, is responsible for flood risk management in their area of responsibility between the Ebro and Segura rivers, was to address the issue of reed growth in the Gorgos riverbed as it passes through Xàbia to reduce its presence which creates so many problems during periods of flood.

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07: It was reported that a judge had ordered that the bells of the port church be sealed and stop ringing, as a result of complaints from a resident of Calle Bartolomé Ros, who brought the high noise level in his home to court when the bells rang.

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We went on holiday. A week in Cuenca. It was nice and relaxing. And then we returned home. Normal service was resumed.

20: The Department of Services in Xàbia published details for the contract being offered for the drafting of the new Ramblars project, an installation that has been underway since last February, when it was decided to use land in the Catarroges area to collect green waste while the old Ramblars burned.

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26: Athletes are made of a different kind of stuff and they demonstrated this on Sunday during the tenth edition of TriXÀBIA. Rain and wind could not dampen their spirits, even when the state of the sea forced the organisers to reduce the event to a duathlon, with just the running and cycling tests.

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26: The Department of Tourism in Xàbia will review the children’s play equipment of the Playa del Arenal to check if they meet the minimum requirements for use as well as their general appearance which is necessary for the most iconic beach in the municipality.

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29: Mayor José Chulvi and the councillor responsible for Sport, Alberto Tur, visited the site of the municipal swimming pool, a project that began a year ago and is already well advanced enough for the contractors to be confident to forecast completion next April.

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29: It was reported that the Court of Appeal of Alicante had rejected the request for precautionary measures made by JaveaCompany in relation to the closure of Acqua Bar & Steak House which has not been able to open since it was sealed off by order of the local council.

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29: It was reported that the implementation phase of the new cleaning contract was almost 75% complete, a complex process for what is the biggest municipal contract and which has involved the complete replacement of waste collection containers, cleaning equipment and waste collection trucks as well as the training of a workforce of around 100 workers.

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30: The local elections of May 2023 are closer than ever. With nine months to go, the parties have begun to move their pieces, and in the case of the socialists of Xàbia, the question was whether José Chulvi would opt for a fourth term or step aside to focus on aspirations outside of Xàbia.

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