Mayor hits back at opposition claims that land in Granadella has been reclassified as a favour

Opposition parties PP, Compromís and Ciudadanos claim that the socialist-led local government was reclassifying land on which the municipal architects house is located.

Saturday 22nd October 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Facebook José Chulvi

Mayor José Chulvi has issued a statement in response to claims by the opposition parties of PP, Compromís and Ciudadanos that the socialist-led local government was in process reclassifying land on which the the municipal architect’s villa is located in order to legalise its position.

It has been claimed that the house has been built in a zone classified as ‘Suelo No Urbanizable de Especial Protección’ (English: Special Protection Undeveloped Land), with the opposition claiming that “all of this leads us to wonder how the Chulvi government can consent, even by omission, to the fact that a house has been built or rebuilt practically from scratch … on land with the maximum protection granted by urban planning regulations, taking into account the ecological and environmental value of an iconic area of ​​Xàbia such as Granadella”.

The mayor responded on his social media networks with the following statement:

“Faced with the serious accusations that have been made, jointly, by the three opposition parties (PP, Compromís and C’S) in relation to the urban situation of Granadella and an alleged reclassification to favour particular interests.

I want to clarify that they are a LIE from head to toe. The soil of the Granadella where that house is built is and will be PROTECTED UNDEVELOPED LAND. All [these claims] that the town hall requalifies, shields land or whitewashes alleged illegalities is a lie that demonstrates an unethical view.

In the proposal of the new General Plan that we have pending approval, the level of protection in that particular land is not reduced but is made even greater because it is included within the area of affection in the historic core of Granadella.

In politics everything goes. And people who, in order to attack another party, do not hesitate to discredit an entire public institution and leave it as a banana republic, do not deserve to represent it.

What I do not know is if they have done this intentionally, with the only motivation and strategy that unites these parties, which is to attack me and make me personally responsible for all the evils of the world. Because if it is not intentional, the problem is no longer only mine but theirs. Especially for those who aspire to be mayors of this town.

To say that the soil of Granadella where this construction is located is “requalified” demonstrates a total ignorance when interpreting plans and regulations. (And that some of the councilors who have those parties are professionally dedicated to this).

And it also shows their little interest in learning, their lightness to make interpretations even if they damage the image of a town hall that they aspire to direct and the little seriousness with which they take being a public office.

Thirty seconds is what it costs to check the qualification of a land in our current PGOU and in the new planning, information that is fully accessible on our municipal website for the councillors, for the members of their parties (in case they consult these things) or for anyone who has interest and the internet.

Thirty seconds that would have saved them this ridicule and loss of credibility. But after three and a half years of legislature we are already clear that they do not have a people’s project, nor desire to work. And that they always say that they find out about things “through the press” exemplifies how little they like to read files or go to town hall to ask the technicians and the councillors.

Nothing of general interest motivates them enough to dedicate time and desire. And their concerns are faced in the gallery because if they really believe something as serious as that land has been reclassified to benefit someone, why don’t they denounce it in court?

Without going into the matter (which has been judicialized since 2009) [I will] clarify that the house they are talking about has not been built now, but many years ago and with other political leaders.

I do not know who they think of when they talk about politicians who press buttons, who owe favours to officials or are whitewashing things, but, to the PSPV of Xàbia, they do not get us into those stories.

Here we have open and alive a file of urban infraction with which we are committed and that we have never closed. The political side has not abandoned anything and, despite the fact that these processes are slow and costly, we continue to take steps. They will keep trying to hurt me in any way, I know. Until May they will not stop, do not wait for proposals to improve the town.

They only have one goal and if they have to act without scruples, lying, insulting and disrespecting, they will do it.

Never mind, we keep going!”