Xàbia pays tribute to Pep Segarra, Esperanza Salvatierra and CAM with 9 d’Octubre awards

The church square was packed on a sunny early afternoon for this special annual municipal awards ceremony.

Monday 10th October 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Ajuntament de Xàbia

On a very special day for the Valencian people, the sun was shining for the annual award ceremony for the ‘Premis 9 d’Octubre Vila de Xàbia’ and the town came out in force to congratulate the recipients of these prestigious municipal awards, this year given to Pep Segarra, Esperanza Salvatierra and the Centre d’Artìstic Municipal de Xàbia (CAM).

And it was the musicians of CAM who provided the music for this special ceremony, including the entrance into the church square of the band playing ‘Fogueres’ and an interpretation of the main theme from the soundtrack of the 2010 film ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by the orchestra as a prelude to the formalities. And both joined together with the youth band to play an emotional rendition of the popular pasodoble ‘Xàbia’ by Salvador Salvà before closing the ceremony with the Valencian hymn.

The ceremony, presented by the journalist Vicent Miralles, is a collective celebration and affirmation, a recognition of the people and groups that make the town and inspire us.

Pep Segarra Marí

The first of them has been Pep Segarra Marí. A pioneer in the defence of the environment, he was also one of the promoters of local sport in clubs such as Joventut Xàbia de Basket and the group of walkers (which led to the creation of the Centro Excursionista de Xàbia) as well as a former councillor who left a great legacy such as the route of the viewpoints.

The person in charge of presenting him was Vicent Chorro, who explained that Pep Segarra was an environmentalist before everyone else (among his crusades was to prevent a road from crossing the Parque Natural del Montgó) as well as his role in Xàbia having a sports centre. In addition, he did valuable work to boost culture and history and for keeping alive the cultural legacy of his uncles, the brothers Segarra Llamas.

Esperanza Salvatierra

Then the most emotional award in recent years has been awarded, posthumously, to recognize Esperanza Salvatierra, a beloved and admired woman who was essential in associations such as the Amas de Casa, the Cruz Roja and the Belemistas as well as a promoter of the cultural exchanges with the municipality of Thiviers. Her friend Fina Doménech recalled Esperanza’s vital and enthusiastic character, her passion for theatre and her struggle to make the customs, culture and gastronomy of past generations survive. To emotional applause, the the award has been collected by her grandchildren Carla and Miguel.

Centre d’Artistic Musical Xàbia

Finally, one of the most important groups in the municipality, at a cultural and social level was recognized: the Centre d’Artistic Musical Xàbia. With more than 50 years of history, it is impossible to imagine any festive or cultural event without its music and joy. Board member Belén Fliquete presented the values ​​of the CAM; its role as a diffuser of popular culture, an ambassador for Xàbia, and internally, a cultural and learning incentive for young people and a family in which several generations live together and enjoy, united by their love of music. The award was collected by the president, Juan Antonio Sapena, who wanted to share it with all the musicians, directors and presidents who have passed through CAM, overcoming stages and difficulties until today it is a living entity with a great future.

Mayor José Chulvi closed the ceremony by claiming the joy and pride of being a town, appealing to continue loving Xàbia and its history. “A story that is us, the people we love, every street of the town where we feel at home. Our history is not asleep, but alive. In the music, in the fiesta, in the shops that open every morning or the fish market that sells the local fish; in the teachers, in the young people who study pursuing a dream…in solidarity, in the neighbourhood and in the town”.