javeamigos REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2023 | PART 2

Our look back at 2023, a year in which there was a change of the helm at the top and tourism returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Welcome to the second part of a four-part look back at 2023 in Xàbia, a review of the second quarter of the year in which the local council tried to get us fit, a new free mobile phone point appeared in the Arenal, CD Jávea achieved the impossible dream, the PP snatched control of the town hall but not without making a pact with the unknown, and the Arenal beach was closed again due to contamination at the worst possible time.

APRIL 2023

Weather Stats
Average Maximum: 24.0°c
Average Minimum: 8.2°c
Average Humidity: 69.9%
Maximum Temperature: 34.7°c 29/04/2023 Heliport – Bevenguts
Minimum Temperature: 2.4°c 07/04/2023 Lluca-Rafalet
Rainfall: 0mm

April kicked off with another initiative from the town hall to get us fit, the Xàbia Camina and Nada’m campaigns offering a new series of routes of walking, running and swimming. It was never heard of again. The local council also sought a contractor to develop a new outdoor gym in Parque Montaner; this one was more obviously successful and opened at the end of November at a cost of around 21,000 euros. Down in the Arenal, a new solar-powered “smart bench” was installed on the promenade which would provide free mobile phone charging points as well as free WiFi connectivity, perfect for the town’s residents who discovered that they lived in the most expensive place to buy a property in the Comunidad Valenciana. Easter arrived in Xàbia with all the traditional attractions, including the craft fair in the historic centre, the gathering of the penyas and the solemn processions before the arrival of the traditional fiestas of Jesús Nazareno. With the local elections just weeks away, the political parties began to introduce their candidate lists to potential voters and Carme Catalá became one of the youngest mayoral candidates when she headed the list for Compromís. In sport, the young rugby players of Aguiles Xàbia reached the regional final whilst José Luis Boronat claimed the national crown for windsurfing slalom. In football, CD Jávea ended the month just a point off the top eight after a run of four straight wins during the month of April.

03 · Xàbia launches new series of routes for walking, running and swimming
04 · Xàbia puts out to tender the installation of an outdoor gym in Parque Montaner
04 · New “smart” bank installed on the Arenal beach
04 · Xàbia confirmed as most expensive place to buy a property in the Comunidad Valenciana
04 · Carme Catalá unveiled as mayoral candidate for Compromís
21 · PP Xàbia presents its candidate list for next month’s local elections
23 · PSOE Xàbia presents its candidate list under the slogan “Xàbia, let’s make it extraordinary”
24 · José Luis Boronat, Absolute Spanish Slalom Champion
28 · Aguiles Xàbia Rugby reach regional final after win against San Roque

MAY 2023

Weather Stats
Average Maximum: 24.4°c
Average Minimum: 11.6°c
Average Humidity: 75.3%
Maximum Temperature: 27.5°c 31/05/2023 Partida Julians
Minimum Temperature: 7.0°c 14/05/2023 Fontanella / Lluca-Coster d’En Sala
Rainfall: 166.7mm (12 days · wettest 23/05/2023 42.6mm Montgó-Toscamar / Les Valls)

The local elections took centre stage during the month as the local political parties took thinly-veiled swipes at each other in a bid to convince the casual voter as to who would be the best to run the town over the next four years. Pledges and promises were also made, commitments that for which they would certainly be held to account. Heavy rain didn’t dampen the mood and anything else seemed of little importance as the different corners squared up to each other. On voting day, Chulvi’s PSOE “wins” but didn’t achieve absolute majority and citizens would have to wait for a couple of weeks before finding out who would be in charge as the parties disappeared to carve out coalitions. In sport, CD Jávea smashed nine goals past CF Cullera in a remarkable game and then defeated champions Ontinyent 1931 CF to win “promotion” to the new elite Lliga Comunitat whilst active tourism companies in Xàbia pledged to halt the saturation of the coastline of Xàbia.

08 · MATCH REPORT | CD Jávea 9-1 CF Cullera
11 · Housing for young people and territorial protection heads PSOE election manifesto
11 · PP Xàbia promises to put a STOP to the mismanagement of the town
12 · Local Elections 2023 – The campaign for local government begins
16 · FOGUERES 2023: Peñas regain prominence as full programme is released
19 · ELECTION 28M: José Chulvi: “Access to housing for young people is our main objective”
20 · ELECTION 28M: José Chulvi: “The Port and Arenal will be linked by cultural and sports infrastructures through Avenida Augusta”
21 · ELECTION 28M: Mavi Pérez: “Those of us who live in Thiviers don’t want to be second-class citizens”
26 · ELECTION 28M: PP Xàbia pledges to roll up its sleeves and work for a Xàbia for everyone
29 · ELECTION 28M: Chulvi’s PSOE “wins” election but without absolute majority
31 · 22 active tourism companies sign up to regulation preventing saturation of Xàbia coast
31 · Xàbia launches new campaign to promote responsible pet ownership

June 2023

Weather Stats
Average Maximum: 29.6°c
Average Minimum: 16.1°c
Average Humidity: 74.5%
Maximum Temperature: 33.7°c 22/06/2023 Partida Julians
Minimum Temperature: 11.5°c 18/06/2023 Les Valls
Rainfall: 12.8mm (4 days · wettest 13/06/2023 11.1mm Les Valls)

And so PP’s Rosa Cardona was sworn in as Xàbia’s first ever female mayor after reaching a coalition deal with Ciudadanos por Jávea (CPJ) and the ultra-right Vox, a pact that the opposition considered to be “shameful”. For several days there was confusion as the parties retreated into the darkness to find a deal that could put them in charge at the town hall. Whilst the incumbent PSOE had won 9 seats on the council, it wasn’t enough to maintain control after PP claimed 8 seats, CPJ winning 2 and Compromís and Vox taking one each. Clearly it was Mavi Pérez and CPJ which would be the key. Rumours spread. Would they ally with the socialists to make up the 11 seat majority? It turned out to be not the case. Instead, CPJ signed a deal with PP who then signed another pact with Vox to reach that magical number. And thus, on Saturday 17th June, Cardona became the first PP mayor of Xàbia since Jaime Sapena claimed the chair in 1999 and the first female mayor ever whilst José Marcos Pons took his seat as Xàbia’s first extreme right councillor. A war of words broke out, of course, with plenty of accompanying finger pointing and accusations. The socialists called it a “pact of shame” and accused CPJ’s Mavi Perez of breaking her party’s rule of giving its support to the party which wins the most votes. In response, a statement from CPJ said that they made the deal with PP because they believed that it was the party that offered them the greatest guarantee of participation in municipal management – but made no mention of Vox. Meanwhile, the town took its mind off the political mud-slinging by immersing itself in fiesta with the Fogueres de Sant Joan – and the Festival Internacional made a welcome return. And speaking of mud, the Arenal beach was closed to bathing after contamination was detected again.

16 · ELECTIONS 28M: Rosa Cardona becomes Xàbia’s first female mayor
21 · ELECTIONS 28M: Mayor Rosa Cardona announces her cabinet to manage Xàbia for the next four years
27 · BREAKING | Bathing at the Arenal Beach prohibited due to contamination
29 · Council meeting approves salaries and expenses for new legislature
29 · PP responds to socialist accusations as war of words breaks out
29 · PSOE questions salary package increase of 122,000 euros a year