ELECTION 28M: PP Xàbia pledges to roll up its sleeves and work for a Xàbia for everyone

A new video features candidates pledging to give everything to live up to the potential and future of Xàbia.

Sunday 21st May 2023
Mike Smith

The team from PARTIDO POPULAR XÀBIA (PP) have released a new video in which all their candidates pledge to “roll up the sleeves” to work to make Xàbia a place for everyone and outline the main proposals of the manifesto which, they hope, will appeal to voters this Sunday 28th May.

PP mayoral candidate Rosa Cardona explained that the video, which compliments the previous video which pledged to end mismanagement at the town hall, has been put together to “share our commitment and dedication” to a project to turn the current paralysis into proper management which attended to the needs of both residents and groups and “giving everything to live up to the potential and future of Xàbia“.

In the video, the 21 candidates pledge that, if they gain control of the town hall, they will ‘roll up their sleeves’ every day over the next four years to “to achieve a participatory Xàbia, with a clean and careful environment, which gives opportunities to fill our streets and shops with life. A place where young people can stay to live and work, with a town hall that restores the prominence that fishing and agriculture in Xàbia deserve as well as giving help to undertake and improve businesses every day or giving support to get out of a bad streak. A safe and welcoming town, with parks, facilities and decent schools, and that makes sustainability a reality, giving waste a second life, using clean energy and reusing water”.

Cardona added that “there are only a few days left until the countdown ends and that four years can come out of the polls on May 28 that are synonymous with management and planning, to turn proposals into reality, and above all, to be a benchmark town in which to undertake for its opportunities, stay and raise a family for its quality of life, and a unique place for the care of the natural wealth of its surroundings. A Xàbia that involves and, ultimately, a Xàbia for everyone”.

Transcript in English

  • I roll up my sleeves for a clean Xàbia.
  • I roll up my sleeves to have adequate and safe parks and gardens to enjoy with our little ones.
  • I roll up my sleeves for a Xàbia commerce full of life.
  • I roll up my sleeves for a Xàbia in which its residents decide on the issues that affect them.
  • I roll up my sleeves for a greener Xàbia with more bike lanes and more communication.
  • I roll up my sleeves for decent and quality educational facilities for our children.
  • I roll up my sleeves to recognize the effort and talent of the young people of Xàbia.
  • I roll up my sleeves to help anyone who wants to start and improve their business.
  • I roll up my sleeves so that young people can stay and start a family in Xàbia.
  • I roll up my sleeves to return the prominence to our roots, agriculture and fishing.
  • I roll up my sleeves to reuse water in agriculture, gardening and cleaning.
  • I roll up my sleeves for sports facilities for everyone.
  • I roll up my sleeves to take steps forward in animal welfare.
  • I roll up my sleeves for infrastructures that protect us from the effects of floods and storms.
  • I roll up my sleeves for an ecological and sustainable industrial estate.
  • I roll up my sleeves to get Xàbia to work with clean and renewable energy.
  • I roll up my sleeves to get well-cared, illuminated and safe streets, neighborhoods and urbanizations.
  • I roll up my sleeves to have clean beaches and coves and an environment that we all care for and enjoy.
  • If you give me your confidence, as of May 28, we are going to roll up our sleeves. We are going to go from promises and excuses to the needs and opportunities of Xàbia. We are prepared and we want to accompany you to improve day by day with all the potential of Xàbia. For this reason, I ask for your vote so that, with you, we make the Xàbia of all.