ELECTION 28M: José Chulvi: “The Port and Arenal will be linked by cultural and sports infrastructures through Avenida Augusta”

The PSOE confirms their intention to create a Mediterranean Museum and a new square dedicated to sport through pedestrianization of the road between the sports centre and CEIP Port de Xàbia.

Saturday 20th May 2023
Mike Smith

The election campaign of PSOE Xàbia moved to the port zone on Friday evening where incumbent mayor José Chulvi expressed his commitment to the Duanes neighbourhood where, he said, signficant progress had been made during the current legislature, such as the improvement of the main roads and the replacement of the Triana Bridge, offering residents modern and functional infrastructure.

The mayor was accompanied by the socialists candidates and activists, all hoping to secure a fourth term in office. Alberto Tur, #3 in the PSOE candidate list and incumbent councillor responsible for Sports, focused on the iconic project that is nearing completion: the municipal swimming pool complex which complements the existing sporting infrastructure in the port, such as the Miguel Buigues Sports Centre and the football pitch and padel court complex at Les Mesquides.

Isabel Moreno (#4) highlighted the proposal for the next legislature, a project to pedestrianize Calle Manuel Bordes Valls to connect the sports centre, the swimming pool and the CEIP Port de Xàbia sports courts.

As for Les Mesquides, a comprehensive renovation is planned which will include the replacement of the playing surface of the football pitch, a third padel court, improved changing rooms and toilets, public toilets, a communal work space for clubs, a first aid post and cafeteria along with a caretaker, improvements which will provide quality facilities for the enjoyment of all residents.

In addition to the infrastructure, Chulvi highlighted the fact that the port zone had hosted significant cultural activities during the current legislature, participating in several cultural seasons and hosting exhibitions in the Casa del Cable, such as those dedicated to Balenciaga and Sorolla. These have left their mark on the neighbourhood with a sculpture dedicated to the painter Joaquin Sorolla on the promenade which was renamed in his honour. In addition, festivals such as the Swing and Percussion seasons have filled the port zone with music.

With regards to movement, it is proposed to reorganise traffic direction along the Primer Montañar, creating a friendlier environment for pedestrians, to extend Calle Génova across a new bridge across the river to link it to Avenida dels Furs and to the Arenal via the Parador de Jávea at the other end, both of which will make access easier and improve traffic flow.

Another project in the pipeline is the construction of a multi-story car-park next to the fish market in the port on top of which will be created a square and viewpoints over the sea. In addition, an improved car-park will be created in Calle Santísimo Cristo del Mar to make parking easier for residents and visitors.

The fishing sector is an important and fundamental part of life in the port, not only economically but also in social, tourist and environmental spheres. For this reason, Chuvli stressed that his party will listen to the demands of the fishermen of Xàbia, to attend to those which are the responsibility of local government and take those of regional or state responsibility to the appropriate authorities. he also highlighted that the port has been the subject of a large investment by the Generalitat Valenciana in recent years, including improvements made to the northern breakwater as well as the jetty area.

Finally, the incumbent mayor encouraged the Duanes community to continue working together in the next legislature: “We have more strength, more experience and more enthusiasm than ever, to continue building an extraordinary neighborhood”.