PP Xàbia promises to put a STOP to the mismanagement of the town

The Populares promise to put a stop of the lack of management in Xàbia and launch a project that creates opportunities for all.

Thursday 11th May 2023
Mike Smith

The Partido Populares (PP) Xàbia team has launched a pre-electoral campaign video in which it outlines a commitment to put an end to the main problems, deficiencies and needs of Xàbia should it gain control of the local council on Sunday 28th May.

The video features the members of the PP’s candidate list led by the candidate for Mayor Rosa Cardona who list – in Spanish, Valencian and English – some of the problems which, they claim,”are the consequence of mismanagement, excuses and breaches of the current local government“. These include the lack of accessibility of the new rubbish containers, the dirty state of the streets, the lack of citizen security, the growing list of paralyzed projects, the lack of sports facilities, the lack of measures of stop wet wipes polluting the beaches, the lack of infrastructure to reuse water, and the lack of facilities to help local businesses.

The message is that the PP “will put a STOP” to the paralysis and lack of management if it attracts the trust of the voters in the town on Sunday 28th May and will “launch a Xàbia that creates opportunities and builds a future for all”.