ELECTION 28M: José Chulvi: “Access to housing for young people is our main objective”

The socialist mayoral candidate also pledged that Freginal will become one of the main sports centres in the town.

Friday 19th May 2023
Mike Smith

With just over a week to go before the polling stations open, the campaign rallies have begun across the municipality. On Thursday, the candidates and activists of PSOE Xàbia took their message to the residents of Freginal, setting up in one of the most iconic spaces of the neighbourhood, the recently-remodelled park in Plaza Xàtiva.

Incumbent mayor José Chulvi, bidding for a fourth term at the helm of the local council, opened the meeting with a speech in which he highlighted the social assistance of more than 23 million euros that the town hall has made available to residents and companies in the municipal to alleviate the effects of the Covid pandemic as well as the cost-of-living crisis.

He added that, during the past four years, his government has placed the people and companies of Xàbia as their number one priority, protecting employment as well as the well-being of its residents, highlighting the decisions to reduce IBI contributions by 17% and to eliminate the rubbish tax entirely.

A Better Neighbourhood

Candidates Sergio Camarasa (#7 on the PSOE candidate list) and Montse Villaverde, #10 and incumbent councillor for Education, Youth and Equality as well as representative for the Freginal neighbourhood, highlighted the transformation of the area in recent years which, in addition to the renovation of Plaza Xàtiva, have included an improvement in street lighting, a new multipurpose sports court, and the covering of the narrow gulley that ran down the side of the neighbourhood. They particularly highlighted the provisions made for young people through improvements to its leisure spaces and academic reinforcement whilst older residents were offered home care plans.

Chulvi added that, thanks to the political stability and the climate of trust and coexistence generated in recent years in the town, Xàbia has one of the best employment rates in the Comunidad Valenciana and leads the way in the creation of new companies. He also pointed to the future by confirming plans for the construction of a new 4,500 square metre covered sports centre – which includes a new athletics track – which will be built between the football ground and the river. This is in addition to improvements that have already been to the existing facilities in the sports complex, such as a new playing surface at the football ground and a roof for part of the main stand; a new scoreboard and an improved pitch perimeter fencing is in the pipeline.

Less Taxes and More Opportunities

Ximo Segarra, #5 and incumbent councillor for the Treasury and Economic Development amongst other responsibilities, focused his speech on the economic management of the town hall, which was some 43 million euros in debt in 2011 when the socialists took over the reins but now enjoys a stable position which has allowed it to “focus on what matters” such as providing assistance to companies and residents during the difficult times that the world has been living in recent years.

Vicent Miralles, #9 on the PSOE candidate list, used his speech to highlight the greatest challenge of the next legislature, affordable housing, which he said was already being addressed with the creation of a public estate with 153 homes as well as the regulation of rental properties for tourism. He acknowledged that “we live in a real town, not an Instagram photo from where local people have had to leave because there is no place for them”. He said that now was the time to “be brave and take measures that protect people”.

To conclude the meeting, José Chulvi also highlighted the important role played by the regional government led by socialist Ximo Puig which seen Xàbia achieve its dream of a municipal swimming pool as well as the various regional aid programmes which assisted individuals and companies during the Covid pandemic.

Finally, he asked for the support of the residents to continue with a municipal project which has provided a situation of stability and allowed the local government to continue working to improve the welfare of its citizens. “We have the best team, people with plenty of enthusiasm, strength and experience, with whom I would happily leave the house keys with complete trust.”