Vehicles with a height greater than 2.1 metres will not be able to access the parking, thus solving the issue with camper vans along the coast.

After several months of complaints from local residents, the local council in Xàbia finally responded to the problem of the illegal parking and overnight stays of camper vans and RVs along the seafront between the port and the Arenal by installing height restriction barriers to accesses to the two seafront parking zones.

Residents had long complained that the owners of these large vehicles had taken it upon themselves to set up camp along the seafront, ignoring local bylaws which prohibited them doing so and at the end of last month, the councillor responsible for Services, Juanjo García, confirmed that a low barrier would be erected along the edge of the road, similar to that already in place further down the coast, and that two entrances would have height restrictions to prevent access to camper vans, RVs, lorries and coaches.

Now, the entrances to the two parking zones at either end of the coast road, that next to the Gorgos river and the other close to the Parador, have been fitted with dedicated entrances that have a 2.1 metre height restriction which will allow cars to enter but not those larger vehicles that were causing the huge number of complaints from residents in the area.