javeamigos REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2023 | PART 3

Our look back at 2023, a year in which there was a change of the helm at the top and tourism returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Welcome to the third part of a four-part look back at 2023 in Xàbia, a review of the third quarter of the year in which the COVID-19 health crisis was declared officially over by the Spanish government, a savage heatwave took centre stage with records tumbling across the country, the popular Xàbia Jazz music festival being cancelled due to “lack of funds”, residents mobilized to call on the local council to deal once and for all with illegal parking, and a late summer storm brought flooding to some areas of the town.

JULY 2023

Weather Stats
Average Maximum: 33.2°c
Average Minimum: 21.4°c
Average Humidity: 80.6%
Maximum Temperature: 37.3°c 12/07/2023 Tossal Gros
Minimum Temperature: 16.1°c 07/04/2023 Lluca-Coster d’En Sala
Rainfall: 31.6mm (1 day – 31.6mm Freginal)

At the beginning of July, Spain finally declared the end of the COVID-19 health crisis after more than three years, ending the requirement to wear facemasks in chemists, health centres, hospitals and residences. The Protección Civil conveyed its demands to the new council leadership, such as a need to replace two of their vehicles and the increase in stock of PPE. High temperatures were experienced across the region with Xàbia experiencing one of its hottest days on record in the middle of the month – and it continued. The Moors and Christians brought colour and noise to the port zone once again but the new council was forced to admit that the popular Xàbia Jazz music festival was to be cancelled due to what it called an embargo on the municipal budget which meant that millions of euros of public money was unavailable.

05 · Spain finally declares the end of the COVID-19 health crisis
14 · Protección Civil conveys its demands to the new council leadership
28 · Council forced to cancel Xàbia Jazz 2023


Weather Stats
Average Maximum: 32.7°c
Average Minimum: 19.2°c
Average Humidity: 73.2%
Maximum Temperature: 37.5°c 23/08/2023 Cansalades
Minimum Temperature: 14.9°c 14/05/2023 Lluca-Coster d’En Sala
Rainfall: 36.6mm (4 days · wettest 227/08/2023 27.8mm Tossal Gros / Balcón al Mar)

The heat continued into August with Valencia airport reaching a scorching 46.8°c on August 10th, the highest temperature in the whole of Spain. And with the influx of tourists increasing the population many times, the local police uncovered illegal taxi drivers operating in Xàbia, meeting the demand. The recent confirmation that Xàbia is the most expensive place to buy a property in the Valencian region was countered by an announcement that the local council was to hand over three plots to the regional government to provide social housing for those who could never afford to live in the town. The local council was also looking for suitable candidates to take on the four vacant units in the indoor market – but another bar was not an option. And as the population grew during the high season, the local council also approached the regional government to transfer authority over the road across La Plana towards the lighthouse of San Antonio to be able to control illegal parking which had become not only a nuisance to local residents but also a danger to safety. Locals were up in arms on the other side of town as well and residents in Granadella summoned council representatives to see their concerns in person. The local government body proposed a credit modification of some 8.6 million euros in order to strengthen areas of the municipal budget on expenses as well as support existing projects. And the Loreto festivities took over the port for the final big fiesta of the year.

01 · Local Police uncover illegal taxi drivers in Xàbia
04 · Xàbia unanimously approves the transfer of three plots to Valencia for social housing
08 · New business awarded in the indoor market as council seeks bidder for remaining spots
11 · Temperatures surpass 36°c in Xàbia as another heatwave sweeps across the peninsula
13 · Xàbia requests transfer of La Plana road in order to be able to control illegal parking
18 · Club Náutico Jávea celebrates the 49th Sailing Week
18 · Xàbia proposes a credit modification of 8.6 million euros
28 · Loreto 2023 | The Mayorales and Mayoralesas of 2023 illuminate the start of the festivities

September 2023

Weather Stats
Average Maximum: 29.1°c
Average Minimum: 16.9°c
Average Humidity: 78.7%
Maximum Temperature: 32.1°c 30/09/2023 Partida Julians
Minimum Temperature: 11.8°c 18/06/2023 Lluca-Coster d’En Sala
Rainfall: 159.6mm (12 days · wettest 15/09/2023 67.8mm Les Fontanella)

Late summer storms did little to lift the oppressive heat that continued into September and almost played havoc with the final days of the Loreto fiesta. CD Jávea opened its participation in the new Lliga Comunitat with a 2-5 thumping in Alicante. The kids finally went back to school with more than 1,900 returning to the classroom across Xàbia. Heavy rain flooded some areas of the town in the middle of the month, particularly around the old town where some areas were under 15-20cm of water for a few hours, and the schools were closed temporarily as a precaution. The sixth edition of TriXàbia took place with more than 600 participants.

10 · MATCH REPORT | Hércules CF “B” 5-2 CD Jávea
11 · Xàbia schools re-open with more than 1,900 returning children