Local Police uncover illegal taxi drivers in Xàbia

The fine for offering an illegal taxi service can reach up to 4,000 euros.

Tuesday 1st August 2023
Mike Smith

The Policía Local de Xàbia has reported three people for using a private vehicle to offer an unlicensed taxi service in Xàbia, operating without the necessary licence granted from the Ayuntamiento through the Department of Mobility.

During several routine controls on Sunday, local police officers intercepted three drivers aged between 30 and 60 and determined that they were transporting people to leisure establishments during times when officially licenced taxi drivers were busy.

The officers have reported the three drivers to the Transport Area of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Territory and Environment for ‘unauthorized practice of a profession’, providing transport services in private cars with a driver who is not authorised to drive nor to provide the service. Potential fines can reach up to 4,000 euros.

Councillor Juan Ortolá, responsible for Citizen Safety and Mobility, expressed the local government’s support to the professional taxi sector in Xàbia and pledged to report any irregularities that are detected.

Known as “pirate taxis”, the unauthorised use of private vehicles to transport passengers by road lack the unlimited public liability insurance coverage that licenced taxis are required to have whilst also failing to offer fixed or official rates, opting to offer a price agreed between client and driver which causes unfair competition within the sector that operates within the law.