CD JÁVEA – Season 2020-21

At the end of July 2020, the FFCV (Federació de Futbol de la Comunitat Valenciana) announced that the Preferente League would be divided into six groups, instead of the normal four, due to the reduced length of the season. CD Jávea were placed in Group V. The 2020-21 season began on the weekend of 17th-18th October and lasted nine rounds until the incoming ‘third wave’ of COVID-19 across Spain in mid-December forced a suspension of football for three months. The season resumed with Round 10 games on the weekend of 13th-14th March.

Season 2020-2021 ~ Regional Preferente Grupo 5

Opening Round
01 – 18/10/20 | CD Denia 2-3 CD Javea (Guerrero, Álvaro, Torres)
02 – 25/10/20 | CD Javea 0-2 Racing Rafelcofer CF
03 – 01/11/20 | Racing CF Benidorm 1-3 CD Javea (Guerrero, Obele, Álvaro)
04 – 08/11/20 | CD Javea 1-0 UD Portuarios (Guerrero, pen)
05 – 14/11/20 | Pego CF 0-2 CD Javea (Obele 2)
06 – 22/11/20 | CD Javea 0-1 CFI Alicante
07 – 28/11/20 | CF La Nucia ‘B’ 0-0 CD Javea
08 – 24/03/20 | CD Javea 1-0 CF Gandia (Guerrero)
09 – 14/04/20 | FC Atletico Benidorm v CD Javea (Obele, Guerrero)
10 – 13/03/21 | CD Javea 2-2 Universitat d’Alacant (Luis Carlos 2)
11 – 20/03/21 | UE Tavernes 2-2 CD Javea (Guerrero 2)
12 – 27/03/21 | CD Pedreguer 0-0 CD Javea
13 – 01/04/21 | CD Javea 3-2 UD Calpe (Paco, Álvaro, Guerrero)

Closing Round
14 – 05/04/21 | CD Javea 3-1 CD Denia (Guerrero, Alvaro, Jorrin)
15 – 10/04/21 | Racing Rafelcofer CF 1-1 CD Javea (Paco)
16 – 18/04/21 | CD Javea 0-2 Racing CF Benidorm
17 – 05/05/21 | UD Portuarios 0-3 CD Javea (Palau, Luis Carlos, Álvaro)
18 – 25/04/21 | CD Javea 2-0 Pego CF (Obele, Guerrero)
19 – 02/05/21 | CFI Alicante 1-1 CD Javea (Luis Carlos)
20 – 08/05/21 | CD Javea 0-1 CF La Nucia ‘B’
21 – 15/05/21 | CF Gandia 3-1 CD Javea (Javi Hernandez)
22 – 22/05/21 | CD Javea 3-2 FC Atletico Benidorm (Palau, Álvaro, Carlos)
23 – 28/05/21 | Universitat d’Alacant 2-1 CD Javea (Obele)
24 – 08/06/21 | CD Javea 4-2 UE Tavernes Paolo, Javi Hernandez, Juli, Guerrero)
25 – 10/06/21 | CD Javea 4-1 CD Pedreguer (Juli, Carlos, Javi Hernandez, Álvaro)
26 – 13/06/21 | UD Calpe 1-0 CD Javea

Group V League Table (Final Table)

Source: FFCV

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J1: Sun 18/10/20 17:30 – CD Dénia 2-3 CD Jávea

Edu, Marcos, Aldo (Serrano, 74m), Ayoze, Ayala, Ferran, Obele (Torres, 46m), Javi (Paco, 46m), Guerrero, Martin (Sánchez, 89m), Álvaro (Soler, 81m).

Goals: Guerrero, 34m; Álvaro, 46m; Torres, 62m.

Subs not used: Aguilar (GK), Bas.

Yellow Cards: Javi, Aldo, Soler, Marcos.

Referee: Emilio Espigares Jiménez.

J2: Sun 25/10/20 16:30 – CD Jávea 0-2 Racing Rafelcofer CF

Edu, Marcos, Aldo, Ayoze (Soler, 34m), Ayala, Ferran (Sánchez, 46m), Torres (Paco, 61m), Javi (Obele, 61m), Guerrero, Martin (Jorrin, 75m), Álvaro.

Subs not used: Aguilar (GK), Serrano.

Yellow Cards: Torres, Guerrero, Álvaro.
Red Card: Marcos, 15m (direct)

Referee: Alba Felix Egea

J3: Sun 01/11/20 11:45 Racing Club de Fútbol 1-3 CD Jávea

Edu (Aguilar, 89m), Soler, Serrano, Sánchez, Paco, Ferran, Jorrin, Javi (Torres, 15m), Guerrero, Martín, Obele (Álvaro, 65m).

Goals: Guerrero, 23m; Obele, 50m; Álvaro, 86m.

Subs not used: Bas, Pau, Aldo, Vargas.

Yellow Card: Paco

Referee: Emilio Luis López Herrero

J4: Sun 08/11/20 16:30 – CD Jávea 1-0 UD Portuarios

Edu, Soler, Serrano, Sánchez, Ayala, Ferran, Jorrin (Aldo, 83m), Torres, Guerrero, Martín (Vargas, 89m), Obele (Álvaro, 65m).

Goals: Guerrero, 44m (pen)

Subs not used: Aguilar (GK), Bas, Javi, Pau.

Yellow Cards: Ferran, Obele, Serrano, Jorrin, Álvaro.
Also booked were coach Diego Miñana, physio José Alejandro Martinez and delegate José Maria Santos.

Referee: Emilio Espigares Jiménez

J5: Sat 14/11/20 17:00 – Pego CF 0-2 CD Jávea

Edu, Soler (Ayoze, 83m), Serrano, Sánchez, Ayala, Ferran (Javi, 75m), Álvaro, Torres, Guerrero, Martín (Paco. 46m), Obele (Jorrin, 68m).

Goals: Obele, 1m & 56m

Subs not used: Aguilar (GK), Marcos, Aldo.

Yellow Cards: Sánchez, Guerrero, Edu, Serrano, Jorrin.
Also booked was coach Diego Miñana.

Referee: Alberto Sánchez Sánchez

J6: Sun 22/11/20 12:00 – CD Jávea 0-1 CFI Alicante

Aguilar (Edu, 62m), Soler (Ayoze, 80m), Serrano, Sánchez, Ayala, Ferran, Álvaro, Torres, Guerrero (Jorrin, 68m), Martín, Obele (Paco, 62m).

Subs not used: Marcos, Aldo, Pau.

Yellow Cards: Jorrin, Paco.
Red Card: Sánchez, 57m (direct)

Referee: Juan José Ubeda Cuadros

J7: Sat 28/11/20 17:30 – CF La Nucia ‘B’ 0-0 CD Jávea

Edu, Soler, Marcos, Ayala, Ferran, Álvaro, Paco (Javi, 60m), Jorrin, Martín (Torres, 60m), Obele, Serrano.

Subs not used: Ivars (GK), Aldo, Pau, Vargas, Guerrero.

Yellow Cards: Soler, Paco
Also booked was coach Diego Miñana.

Referee: Ignacio Baeza Nuñez

J10: Sat 13/03/21 16:30 – CD Jávea 2-2 Universitat d’Alacant

Edu, Paco, Aldo, Ayoze (Soler, 82m), Paolo (Marcos, 82m), Ferrán, Jorrin, Javi, Guerrero (Álvaro, 56m), Luis Carlos, Obele.

Subs not used: Aguilar (GK), Serrano, Javi Bas, Campayo.

Goals: Luis Carlos 9m, 14m

Yellow Cards: Guerrero.
Also booked was team masseuse José Martínez

Referee: Emilio López Herrero

J11: Sat 20/03/20 18:00 – CF UE Tavernes 2-2 CD Jávea

Edu, Paco, Aldo (Serrano, 60m), Ayoze, Paolo, Ferran, Álvaro, Javi (Sánchez, 88m), Guerrero, Luis Carlos (Soler, 78m), Obele (Jorrin, 78m).

Subs not used: Aguilar (GK), Marcos, Vargas.

Goals: Guerrero 38m, 43m

Yellow Cards: Paco, Aldo

Referee: Aléjando Gomis Marquez

J8: Wed 24/03/21 20:00 – CD Jávea 1-0 CF Gandía

Edu, Sánchez, Aldo (Marcos, 85m), Ayoze, Paco, Ferran, Obele (Soler, 67m), Javi, Guerrero, Jorrin (Luis Carlos, 61m), Álvaro (Serrano, 85m).

Subs not used: Aguilar (GK), Paolo, Vargas.

Goals: Guerrero 32m (pen)

Yellow Cards: Aldo, Javi, Obele.

Referee: Carlos Ripoll Berenguer.

J12: Sat 27/03/21 20:00 – CD Pedreguer 0-0 CD Jávea

Edu, Sánchez, Aldo (Jorrin, 75m > Vargas, 75m), Ayoze, Paco, Marcos (Ferran, 46m), Soler (Álvaro, 46m), Javi, Guerrero, Luis Carlos, Obele (Serrano, 87m).

Subs not used: Ivars (GK), Paolo.

Goals: –

Yellow Cards: Sánchez, Paco.

Referee: Juan José Ubeda Cuadros.

J13: Thu 21/04/21 20:00 – CD Jávea 3-2 CF UD Calpe

Edu, Paco, Aldo (Serrano, 90m), Ayoze, Paolo, Ferran, Obele (Jorrin, 89m), Javi (Sanchéz, 67m), Guerrero, Luis Carlos (Soler, 67m), Álvaro.

Subs not used: Baydal (GK), Marcos, Javi Bas.

Goals: Paco 11m, Álvaro 38m, Guerrero, 39m

Yellow Cards: Paolo, Obele, Sánchez, Jorrin.

Referee: Pablo Daniel De La Serna Alvarez

J14: Mon 05/04/21 18:00 – CD Jávea 3-1 CD Dénia

Edu, Paco, Aldo (Soler, 65m), Ayoze, Sánchez (Paolo, 22m), Molina, Javi (Luis Carlos, 45m), Fran, Álvaro, Guerrero (Jorrín, 65m).

Subs not used: Josep Ivars (GK), Marcos, Javi Bas.

Goals: Guerrero 26m, Álvaro 39m, Jorrin, 74m

Yellow Cards: Aldo, Obele, Soler.
Red Card: Soler (two bookable offences)

Referee: Juan José Ubeda Cuadros

J15: Sat 10/04/21 17:30 – Racing Rafelcofer CF 1-1 CD Jávea

Edu, Ayoze (Piñero), Paco, Paolo, Fran (Aldo), Marcos (Javi Hernández), Molina, Álvaro, Jorrín (Luís Carlos), Obele, Guerrero.

Subs not used: Josep Ivars (GK), Javi Bas.

Goals: Paco, 79m

Yellow Cards: Ayoze, Álvaro, Molina.

Referee: Sergio Sarro García.

J09: Wed 14/04/21 20:00 – FC Atletico Benidorm 0-2 CD Jávea

Edu, Marcos, Aldo, Paolo, Paco, Ferran, Obele (Campayo, 86m), Soler, Guerrero, Jorrin (Luis Carlos, 78m), Álvaro (Piñero, 88m).

Subs not used: Josep Ivars (GK), Serrano, Vargas.

Goals: Obele, 8m; Guerrero, 72m.

Yellow Cards: none.

Referee: Cristian Selva Vicente.

J16: Sun 18/04/21 20:00 – CD Jávea 0-2 Racing FC Benidorm

Edu, Marcos, Paolo, Paco, Aldo, Soler, Molina (Piñero, 46m), Álvaro, Jorrín (Luis Carlos, 46m), Obele, Guerrero.

Subs not used: Josep Ivars (GK), Serrano, Vargas, Caceres.

Goals: none.

Yellow Cards: Marcos, Aldo, Paolo.
Also booked: head coach Diego Miñana and delegate José Maria Santos Vilches.

Referee: Álvaro García Navas.

J18: Sun 25/04/21 18:00 – CD Jávea 2-0 Pego CF

Edu, Marcos (Javi Hernandez, 46m), Paolo, Ayoze (Palau, 39m), Paco (Jorrin, 74m), Ferran, Obele (Carlos Djalo, 68m), Soler, Guerrero, Luis Carlos, Álvaro (Sánchez, 74m).

Subs not used: Josep Ivars (GK), Piñero.

Goals: Obele (61m); Guerrero (65m)

Yellow Cards: Paco, Palau, Javi Hernandez, Ferran.

Referee: Alejandro Chaves Gallego.

J19: Sun 02/05/21 17:30 – CFI Alicante 1-1 CD Jávea

Edu, Soler, Aldo (Jorrín, 71m), Paolo, Sánchez, Ferran, Obele (Guerrero, 60m), Javi Hernandez, Carlos Djalo (Luis Carlos, 71m), Palau, Álvaro.

Subs not used: Josep Ivars (GK), Piñero, Vargas, Marcos.

Goals: Luis Carlos (84m)

Yellow Cards: Carlos Djaló, Obele, Ferran.

Referee: Jose Carlos Caballero Carrillo.

J17: Wed 05/05/21 20:00 – UD Portuarios 0-3 CD Jávea

Edu, Marcos (Javi Hernandez, 57m), Aldo, Paolo, Paco, Ferran, Luis Carlos (Jorrín, 68m), Soler (Piñero, 80m), Guerrero, Carlos Djalo (Vargas, 80m), Palau (Álvaro, 57m).

Subs not used: Josep Ivars (GK), Piñero, Vargas, Marcos.

Goals: Palau (39m); Luis Carlos (60m); Álvaro (77m).

Yellow Cards: Marcos
Red Cards: Guerrero, straight red after two minutes.

Referee: Jose Carlos Caballero Carrillo.

J20: Sat 08/05/21 20:00 – CD Jávea 0-1 CF La Nucia CF “B”

Edu, Marcos (Campayo, 82m), Paolo, Paco (Javi, 49m), Aldo, Ferran (Jorrín, 71m), Soler, Palau, Carlos, Luis Carlos, Obele (Álvaro, 46m).

Subs not used: Josep Ivars (GK), Piñero.

Goals: –

Yellow Cards:  Obele, Paco and Aldo

Referee: Rubén Gómez.

J21: Sat 15/05/21 19:00 – CF Gandia 3-1 CD Jávea

Edu (Josep, 46m), Soler (Carlos, 85m), Palau, Paolo, Aldo, Ferran, Obele, Javi, Jorrin (Juli, 62m), Luis Carlos, Álvaro (Ayoze, 84m).

Subs not used: Piñero, Marcos, Pablo.

Goals: Javi 51m (pen)

Yellow Cards:  Aldo
Head coach Diego Miñana was also booked.


J22: Sat 22/05/21 19:00 – CD Jávea 3-2 FC Atletico Benidorm

Josep, Soler, Palau, Paolo, Aldo (Ayoze, 55m), Ferran, Obele, Javi Hernandez, Carlos (Serrano, 75m), Luis Carlos (Tiscar, 87m), Álvaro.

Subs not used: Guardiola (GK), Tiscar, Pareja, Jorrin, Marcos.

Goals: Palau 5m; Álvaro, 18m; Carlos 51m

Yellow Cards:  Javi Hernandez, Aldo, Ferran, Carlos, Ayoze.
Assistant Coach Cesar Melo was also booked.


J23: Fri 28/05/21 19:00 – Universidad d’Alacant 2-1 CD Jávea

Josep, Paolo, Aldo (Carlos, 57m), Ayoze, Paco, Soler, Obele (Jorrín, 60m), Javi Hernandez, Palau, Luis Carlos (Juli, 90m), Álvaro.

Subs not used: Guardiola (GK), Serrano, Marcos, Piñero.

Goals: Obele, 43m

Yellow Cards:  Palau, Álvaro.
Straight Red: Jorrin.


J24: Tue 08/06/21 20:00 – CD Jávea 4-2 UE CF Tavernes

Josep, Ayoze (Piñero, 86m), Paolo, Paco, Fran (Álvaro, 51m), Ferran, Soler (Campayo, 69m), Carlos (Guerrero, 51m), Javi, Juli y Obele.

Subs not used: Edu (GK).

Goals: Paolo, 51m; Javi Hernadez, 63m; Juli, 71m; Guerrero, 90m.

Yellow Cards:  Paco, Ferran.


J25: Thu 10/06/21 20:00 – CD Jávea 4-1 CD Pedreguer

Josep, Paolo, Soler (Serrano, 70m), Ayoze, Campayo (Piñero, 70m), Ferran (Marcos, 20m), Obele (Guerrero, 61m), Carlos (Luis Carlos, 61m), Juli, Javi Hernandez, Álvaro.

Subs not used: Edu (GK), Palau.

Goals: Juli 11m; Carlos 43m; Javi Hernandez 82m; Álvaro 90m.

Yellow Cards: Obele, Carlos, Campayo, Álvaro, Piñero.


J26: Sun 13/06/21 18:00 – CF CD Calpe 1-0 CD Jávea

Josep, Palau, Palau, Marcos, Paco (Piñero, 51m), Soler, Obele (Serrano, 66m), Luis Carlos (Tiscar, 76m), Guerrero (Rosello, 76m), Javi Hernandez, Carlos.

Subs not used: Edu (GK), Campayo.

Goals: –

Yellow Cards: –


Squad 2020-21

Edu Samblas (Goalkeeper) – Season 19/20: 26+0 apps
Marcos Bisquert (Defender) – 19/20: 11+10 apps
Ayoze Espinar (Defender) – 19/20: 24+1 apps / 1 goal
Aldo Michan (Defender) – 19/20: 21+2 apps
Yunior Ayala “Paolo” (Defender) – 19/20: 18+4 apps
Paco Gázquez (Midfielder) – 19/20: 21+3 apps / 3 goals
Javi Hernández (Midfielder) – 19/20: 6+2 apps
Álvaro López (Midfielder) – 19/20: 22+1 apps / 4 goals
Ferran Molina (Midfielder) – 19/20: 19+2 apps
Pau Soliveres (Midfielder) – 19/20: 14+5 apps / 1 goal
Juan Guerrero (Striker) – 19/20: 24+1 apps / 16 goals

François Obele (Striker from CF Alicante)
Luis Carlos Martín Asensio (Midfielder – CD Almoradí)
Manu Martínez (Midfielder – CFI Alicante)
Frederic Aguilar (Goalkeeper – Pego CF)
Juan Soler (Defender – Patacona CF)
Franc Serrano (Defender – UD Beniganim)
Diego Torres (Striker – Torrent CF)
Javier Sánchez “Toti” (Defender – CFI Alicante)
Juan Cruz Jorrin (Striker – UE Alcudia)

Rubén Ortolá (to UD Calpe)
Renzo Ridao (to CD Dénia)
Roberto Fernández (to UD Calpe)
Álvaro Bernaldez (to UD Carcaixent)
Cristian Andrada (to Discóbolo-La Torre AC)
Adriàn Ramis (to CF Bellreguard)
Cristian Gonzalez “Panucci” (to CD Dénia)
Diego Torres (to Galicia – work)

Pre-Season Matches

Fri 28 Aug – CD Jávea 0-0 UD Beniganim
Fri 04 Sep – CEF El Verger 0-6 CD Javea (Obele 3; Guerrero, Alvarito, Pitu)
Fri 11 Sep – CD Jávea (Guerrero) 1-0 CD Olimpic de Xàtiva
Fri 18 Sep – Real de Gandia CF 1-5 CD Javea
Sat 26 Sep – CD Jávea (Álvaro; Guerrero) 2-2 FC Jove Español de San Vicente
Fri 02 Oct – CD Jávea 2-1 Elche CF DH
Fri 09 Oct – CF Bellreguard 1-3 CD Jávea