Partido Popular concerned about citizen security in Xàbia

“We wanted to go to the plenary, but they have moved it three times, we hope it is not to avoid us”

Monday 27th March 2023
Mike Smith

The mayoral candidate of the Partido Popular, Rosa Cardona, has shown her concern about the situation in which the Policía Local demonstrated in front of the Government Delegate, Pilar Bernabé and the mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, in their continued dispute over pay and conditions.

Cardona insists that it is a situation aggravated during the last legislature, due to the precariousness of the salaries of the Policía Local force, a conflict that, without a doubt, concerns the residents of Xàbia, who see how the number of officers is reduced every year, which affects citizen security.

In addition to showing her support for the police, Cardona has called for common sense to resolve the conflict,claiming that Chulvi’s neglect has caused problems to become entrenched and increase with each legislature.

Last Thursday, police officers demonstrated peacefully in front of the town hall building during the visit of regional government official Pilar Bernabé. They wore coloured wigs and carried banners that called on the local government to act and resolve their situation: “Enough of the lies” and “Chulvi, guilty of killing the police”.

They claim that local police force numbers have halved in recent years to just 40 employees, including those who work in the offices. This year they will have lost another five people, three due to retirement and two others seeking better pay and conditions in other locations.

The situation has been brought about by a modification of employment of municipal personnel working on Sundays and fiestas. “Everything was negotiated with the unions and then they told us that it would go ahead. All the reports are already done. But we believe that there is no political will to do so”.

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