Xàbia promises to meet demands by the local police unions

The main complaint is the lack of suitable compensation for working Sundays and fiesta days.

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Tuesday 19th April 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: original articles – Carlos López and Xàbia AL DÍA

The government team in Xàbia have been forced to defend itself in a statement against accusations by local police unions of “delaying” the solution to fix the “deficiencies and anomalies” that exist in the local police force in the town. And it explained that, after receiving a technical report from the requests from the police officers, the mayor has issued a ruling in which it is ordered to initiate proceedings to attend to the concerns through the modification of the Council Job Vacancy List (RPT), a facility which dates back to 2001.

One of the main complaints of the local police has been the lack of compensation for services provided on Sundays and fiestas through one of the supplements that they receive in their salaries, a request that the local government is in the process of submitting. According to the account of events provided by the council, since the request was made in September, both the mayor and the councillor for Citizen Security in Xàbia have attended at least 13 meetings whilst also requesting a municipal and external technical-legal report to find a way to respond.

Police union representatives also presented a letter at the end of January requesting a modification of the RPT as the administrative way to update it, and staff from the Personnel area confirmed, although the procedure was correct, it advised against it to avoid discriminating against other municipal employees who also work weekends and fiestas, such as those working for the Department of Tourism.

Despite this, the mayor signed an order on March 30th in which it has been ordered that a modification of the RPT be initiated and that it be applied not only to local police personnel but also to the rest of the council personnel who are in that same situation.

A total of 2.9 million euros was allocated in the 2021 municipal budget for local police services and it has been forecast that 4.2 million euros will be allocated in 2022 since all the vacancies (about ten) will have been filled.

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