Xàbia offers training to young athletes, clubs and families to educate talent with values

The training plan also addresses the ability of the coaches to influence with the talk “what happens in the locker room does not stay in the locker room”.

Tuesday 28th March 2023
Mike Smith

The Department of Sports of Xàbia revealed a new appointment of one of the great projects: its training plan. Councillor Alberto Tur explained that the local council with collaborate with the association of sports managers in the Comunidad Valenciana to address the different issues and concerns that are sent to them from the sporting clubs.

After the success of the first training day, which focused on the relationship of the clubs with the administration, the proposal now focuses on one of the biggest challenges: making sport a real vehicle for transmitting positive values and tools, especially to children.

Three workshops have been scheduled during April and May by the expert coaching consultancy WILEA, aimed at athletes from 6 to 18 years of age, which will address how to manage emotions, team identity, success and failure, decision-making and working on values such as integrity, trust, emotional and physical health, teamwork or respect.

There are also two other workshops aimed at adults. One specifically for coaches entitled “What happens in the locker room does not stay in the locker room” which appeals to the coaches’ ability to influence young people and in which different types of leadership will be worked on.

Finally, there is also a workshop designed for families called “Educate Talent” that aims to involve them in motivating their children when it comes to practicing sports from a positive perspective, identifying talent and encouraging effort.

The speakers of the talks will be Toño Galán, Mode Coloma and Aida Pastor, experts in educational coaching. Registrations -free- will be processed through sports clubs and municipal schools.