Arenal beach closed to bathing until further notice

The detection of a microbiological spill identified during the latest analysis has forced the immediate closure.

Tuesday 26th July 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: Ajuntament de Xàbia

Xàbia Council has confirmed that the Arenal beach will be closed to bathing from today Tuesday 26th July until further notice after the detection of a microbiological spill identified during the latest analysis carried out yesterday Monday by the Bathing Water Quality Control Programme.

Both the local police and lifeguard service personnel have been given instructions to make the closure effective from 2.30pm this afternoon. A red flag is to be raised at the beach at all times until the closure order is lifted and the closure will be confirmed using the public address system, the town hall social networks, including the Telegram beach information channel.

Click here to find out what the colour of the flags mean for beachgoers.

The Bathing Water Quality Control service had taken samples throughout this morning to carry out a second analysis and check if the discharge identified yesterday was still present, discover its origin and identity the actions necessary to remove it. As soon as the regular analysis confirms that the water quality is suitable for bathing, the closure will be lifted.

The Ministry of Agricultural and Ecological Transition at the Generalitat Valenciana have already informed the town hall in Xàbia that the Arenal is the most closely monitored beach in the entire Comunidad Valenciana due to the recent rupture of the marine outfall and that, in more than 80 tests carried out during the breakdown, it is the first time that elevated microbiological parameters have been detected.

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