Bang Bang Burger, Bar Mercat and Chola Cacao recognized by the Repsol guide

Thursday 11th November 2021 – ÁLVARO MONFORT with Mike Smith

In order to support the smaller hospitality businesses, the Spanish energy and petrochemical multinational Repsol launched a new award last summer to promote those restaurants that, in its opinion, deserved a special mention for their good work behind the stove. Thus, Los Soletes emerged, the small and carefree brothers of the Repsol Sols.

The stellar cuisine of Xàbia, starring the restaurants Bon Amb (with three Sols), Tula and La Perla (with one Sol each), was joined last July by La Trastienda and The Beach House in the Soletes category. Now, when the colder weather begins to take centre stage, Repsol has once again placed another 1,000 establishments on the map that qualify as ideal for enjoying the autumn and winter months. And, again, the Xàbia venues are present again.

In the Fast Good category – not Fast Food – is Bang Bang Burger located on Avenida Ausiàs March, 4.

In the group of Bars is El Bar Mercat in the Mercat Municipal.

In the section of Cafeterias is Chola & Cacao in the Arenal on Cabo de La Nao-Pla, 120).

Chola & Cocao, Arenal

According to a team of gastronomy experts who have travelled the country to prepare this new selection, these Xàbia places fulfill the main premise that Los Soletes seek to recognize: “They are those places that you would recommend to a friend or an acquaintance passing through your town or city because you know they are a sure hit ”. In addition, they adapt perfectly to the current season being “those most desirable places when temperatures drop as long as they are honest and do it well.”

“Everyone has a place here, from the mestizo kitchen or a traditional tavern, a cafeteria where you can have breakfast while you read the newspaper or have a snack with your grandmother. The bar with a philosopher waiter, the young market tavern, the hamburger joint with a special touch or that restaurant with six tables and a lot of desire to please”. Qualities that the new selected local establishments fulfill.

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