ARS NOVA pays tribute to Valencian music and composers with a special concert to celebrate 9 d’Octubre.

To mark the arrival of 9 d’Octubre – Día de la Comunitat Valenciana, ARS NOVA wants to pay tribute to the regions music and composers with a special concert entitled “Canciones de la tierra y del mar” (Songs of the land and the sea).

The performance will take place on Thursday 8th October 8 at 8.00 pm amonst the trees of the Parque Montaner at the historic Riurau d’Arnauda .

The voices of ARS NOVA, under the direction of the soprano Teresa Albero and with the admirable Silvia Ferrer at the piano, will transmit messages as impressive as “Somos plumas al viento” (We are feathers in the wind) and “Un viento que nos hace sentir la vida y nos hace buscar la luz y la paz” (A wind that makes us feel life and makes us look for light and peace). These letters form the poems and letters that are Valencian culture and that make Valenciana understand who they are and where they come from. Because there is no other symbol of identity than culture.

Composers such as Giner, Matilde Salvador, Óscar Esplá and many others will be performed, all of whom believed in all the good things that Valencia possesses: the sea, the land, and the songs.

To meet current health protocols, it will be necessary to reserve a seat (with a maximum of 4 people) by calling 965 794 344, from Monday to Thursday from 08.00am to 2.00pm In addition, the use of the mask will be mandatory during the performance whilst all attendees will need to disinfect their hands with hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance to the venue.

SOURCE: Press Release – ARS NOVA