AMATA launches a new online craft fair where visitors can make contact with the craftsmen and women for that special gift.

On the October 1st, the craft association AMATA opened its own Virtual Craft Fair which will allow the general public find original craft work at any time, wherever they live.

Over the last twenty years AMATA has been organising craft fairs all over Spain.  But most of these markets are only held once a year in different villages and only during one weekend.  Their Virtual Craft Fair was created so that you can find the artisans when you need them: when you are looking for an original birthday present for a friend, something for a wedding present or when you need a special bracelet or earrings for a party.  No matter where you live, you can find their craftwork while staying at home!

The Virtual Craft Fair is available online here where you will find original craft work, everything hand made by the artisans themselves using paper maché, leather and glass; there is jewelry and soap, wooden toys and puppets, woven shawls and decorated roman roof tiles, even oil paintings. 

Every stall offers something different and in every stall you find the contact details of the artisan so you can order something special and visit their website or social media. Each stall shows you a video with more products or demonstrating his or her craft.

This fair is part of the recently created Virtual Craft Village where all inhabitants are real artisans who open the doors of their workshops so you can watch them at work.  Most of them also have a shop in the village, offer classes for you to follow and have set up a gallery as well as an area with games for the kids.  You can’t possibly see everything there is to see and do all there is to do in one visit.

And in every next visit you will find new surprises: more artisans in the village or other stalls in the fairs (they change every month). 

SOURCE: AMATA Press Release