Xàbia updates Sant Antoni lighthouse project to reflect increase in costs

The expected budget of the long-awaited visitor centre project will rise to 1.4 million euros.

Archive Photo: The Cap de Sant Antoni lighthouse will be converted for the use of all residents.

Sunday 18th December 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Ajuntament de Xàbia

Xàbia Council has updated the project to convert two buildings of the Cap de Sant Antoni lighthouse complex into a visitor centre for the Cap de Sant Antoni Marina Reserve and Montgó Natural Park in response to an increase in prices.

The Department of Town Planning and Words, directed by councillor Pepa Gisbert, has announced that, from the fat of the presentation of the project in July 2021 to the present day, there has been a very significant increase in construction costs due to the current situation of economic uncertainty.

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Thus, in order to avoid problem when adjudicating the project and to ensure that it is seem through to a successful conclusion, the town hall has decided to request that the architectural studio responsible for the project update its documentation to reflect the current reality of construction costs.

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The new document will reflect the assessed increase in the cost of the project of 337,000 euros so that the expected budget has risen to 1,424,133 euros, a figure that will go out to tender once it has been fully approved by the local council.

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