Exquisite sessions with a professional sommelier, complemented by tasty tapas.

La Carneceria has announced the May programme of their exclusive Wine Tasting Series with a professional sommelier, complemented by tapas provided by the bar.

Wednesday 1st May, 7.00pm
BEYOND TEMPRANILLO · Exploring Spanish Red Wines
Step outside the box and join us on a journey through Spain’s diverse red wine regions. From bold Garnacha to elegant Monastrell, we’ll tantalize your taste buds with a variety of Spanish reds that go beyond the beloved Tempranillo!

Tuesday 7th May, 7.00pm
BLIND TASTING NIGHT · Battle of the Bottles!
Think you know your wines? Put your taste buds to the test in our blind tasting showdown! Famous “you can find them anywhere” wines go head-to-head with hidden gems from boutique wineries. Can you guess which is which? Let the battle begin!

Wednesday 15th May, 7.00pm
The Fun and Diversity of Spanish Wines! Get ready for a wine adventure like no other! From classic Riojas to trendy newcomers, we’ll explore the vibrant and eclectic world of Spanish wines. Who says wine tasting can’t be fun and fabulous?

Wednesday 22nd May, 7.00pm
RIOJA MASTERCLASS · Dive into Spain’s Iconic Wine Region
Calling all Rioja lovers! Join us for an immersive masterclass where we’ll delve deep into the history, terroir, and flavors of Spain’s most renowned wine region. Discover what makes Rioja truly special and sip your way to Rioja expertise!

Wednesday 29th May, 7.00pm
Who says you need to break the bank for great wine? Explore the world of high-value supermarket wines with us as we uncork some hidden treasures that deliver exceptional quality without the hefty price tag. Cheers to discovering your next favorite bottle!

La Carneceria invite you to join them for an enlightening wine journey led by a professional sommelier. All the wine-tasting sessions will be paired with La Carneceria’s Culinary Delights, the bar’s exquisite food complementing your tasting experience.

Don’t miss this chance to indulge in flavour, knowledge, and good company. Tell your friends, secure your spot, and let the wine adventure begin at La Carneceria!

The price for each session is 35,00 EUR per person, except the RIOJA MASTERCLASS which will be 45,00 EUR per person. The price includes tapas/snacks. Uncover the world of wines without breaking the bank. But don’t delay! Limited spots are available as there are only 14 seats per event! Reserve your spot now for an intimate evening of wine and camaraderie. For reservations, WhatsApp 638 336 770.

La Carneceria is located just outside the old town on the road to the port, breathing new life into a familiar landmark. A visit to this little gem of a bar is a must for the perfectly poured Guinness and stay for the warm welcome and tasty tidbits of tapas.

For more information about La Carnecería, click here.