The Council is meeting with business associations, active tourism companies and the hospitality sector to develop an economic strategy for the low season.

The Council strongly believes that in difficult times it is more important than ever to be united and listen to all voices to develop a strategy that will allow the local economy to withstand the economic blow associated with the ongoing health crisis in the best condition.

Amongst the objectives should be the stimulation of local trade, the attraction of new residents taking advantage of home working, whilst also establishing Xàbia as a destination for a winter break or weekend getaway.

Mayor José Chulvi has called a series of meeting with different economic sectors to listen to their opinions on the support measures they would expect to receive from the Council and to find out what action they themselves are planning to develop at their own level to encourage more business.

The first of these meetings took place yesterday (Tuesday 29th) which was also attended by all municipal party representatives since they have all been doing their bit and contributing ideas to assist the Council in their bid to provide social and economic support to its citizens ever since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold.

The meeting called together representatives from the business associations and hospitality sector, in addition to regional spokespeople from CEDMA, AETHMA and JOVEMPA, who presented their thoughts on the summer campaign that has recently come to an end as well as their ideas to face the winter season.

On Friday, the Council will be meeting with active tourism companies and the nautical and tourist accommodation sectors to understand how they will be facing the coming months and listen to their expectations.

The mayor highlighted the fact that Xàbia has the tools to be an attractive destination in the current circumstances: natural spaces to practice outdoor activities, good weather all year round, low rates of COVID-19 and an important commercial and hospitality sector that offers its quality services with the maximum guarantees of health safety.

He added that it is the intention of the Council to prepare campaigns to encourage local people of Xàbia to take advantage of the quality of local businesses and spend their money in the municipality, thus supporting the local economy. Further campaigns will aim at attracting visitors to the town during the winter months.

The mayor also highlighted the financial support plans which are included in the Recuperem Xàbia initiative which will continue into the autumn and provided some data from the ‘Sueño con Xàbia’ tourist campaign carried out on social media networks during May that saw some 637,000 reproductions and had an estimated reach of 3 million people.

Finally, the mayor revealed that data managed by the Department of Tourism has shown that not only have occupation levels been maintained through this summer but they have exceeded those figures recorded for 2019.

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