Potential for very strong gusts up to 90km/h with Force 7 winds whipping up waves of 2/3 metres in height.

The state meteorological agency AEMET has issued an ORANGE risk warning for the potential of high winds and heavy seas tomorrow Friday 2nd October, updated from a lower yellow risk issued earlier.

The warning suggests that there is a 40%-70% probability that our region will experience high winds with strong gusts up to 90 km/h and accompanying heavy seas with 2/3 metre waves pushed by Force 7 westerly winds. The warning is valid from 10.00am tomorrow morning and continues through until midnight.

The general forecast suggests the potential for some rain during the afternoon after a fairly sunny start to the day. Maximum temperatures will still reach around 28°c-30°c whilst they will plummet across the rest of the country as autumn moves in.

Be prepared for these high winds. Secure items outside your home that could be blown away, such as patio furniture, umbrellas, gazebos and other loose items, and consider removing items that may be blown into windows or patio doors and cause damage.


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