Xàbia commits to responsible tourism at the next edition of FITUR

The protection of the posidonia underwater seagrass meadows will be a priority.

PHOTO CREDIT: Álvaro Monfort Torres

Friday 14th May 2021 – ÁLVARO MONFORT with Mike Smith

Xàbia Council will commit to the sustainability and protection of posidonia sea grass and the coast against abusive and invasive practices as a tourist attraction at the next edition of the FITUR international tourism fair. The event is being held this year in the midst of a health crisis with the intention of serving as an impetus for the tourism sector to the revived economically after a strong beating it has taken as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. FITUR’21 will take place from 19th to 23rd May in Madrid.

The two main proposals for Xàbia are the promotion of responsible tourism, which was official presented before the Easter holidays to encourage good practices that promote responsible and respectful tourism with all those attractions that characterize and shape the town, and the awareness campaign Posidonia és Xàbia which aims to highlight the protected flora and fauna of the town to both the national and international public.

In addition to the pamphlet created for the responsible tourism campaign, another leaflet has been developed to explain the importance of the underwater posidonia fields as endemic to the Mediterranean, to highlight the areas of Xàbia where its meadows extend along the seabed, to explain its great historical, cultural, natural, biological and beneficial values for oxygen production, and the sustainable practices that have to be observed to avoid damage to its growth as well as the fish and other sealife that live in it and use it as shelter and food.

PHOTO CREDIT: Álvaro Monfort Torres

Councillor Toni Miragall (Tourism) outlined the actions that will be carried out in the coming months to minimize the impact of overcrowding that occurs in Xàbia during the summer months. These include the installation of buoys along the coast to protect beaches, coves, sea caves and enclaves which suffer the greatest tourist pressure during the high season, an investment of some 683,655.87 euros. A marine surveillance team will also ensure compliance with regulations and act as control for beach access and coves during the current pandemic.

Mayor José Chulvi will be attending the FITUR event on Wednesday 19th May during the Comunidad Valenciana’s specified day. He said that the people of Xàbia “are open, welcoming and proud to share what they have and what they appreciate most. But it’s an effort by everyone to make it clear that we are much more than a lot of nice images for Instagram”.

He referred to all the associations (such as the Fundación Oceanogràfic through to Proyecto Sorolla and the Club Rotary with its special awareness campaign El Mar Comienza Aquí as well as the local tourism companies that are watching and waiting to be able to develop their activity in a responsible way to promote a safe summer for citizens.

Not in vain, Xàbia expected a large influx of people of people in the coming months because, despite the severity of the pandemic, last summer saw the town increase its summer population by some 5% more than previous years.

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