Which businesses are participating in the Xàbia voucher scheme?

Just over 7,000 vouchers are available to Xàbia residents, worth 40 euros.

Thursday 6th October 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: XAD

With the help of the Alicante Provincial Council,the town hall in Xàbia has launched the voucher campaign “Bonos Recuperem” to promote commercial activity in the municipality, offering 20 euro vouchers with will be worth 40 euros when spending in participating shops and businesses in the town.

The vouchers can be purchased online at bonsconsum.xabia.es. At the bottom of the page, select [Obtener Bono], which will take you to a second page “Reserva de Bonos” where you click on the [Reserva] button. In the form, enter your forename, surname, email address and telephone number as well as your NIF/NIE number and date of birth. Click on the [Reservar] button at the bottom of the page to be taken to a new window in which you will need to enter your credit/debit card details to pay for the vouchers. There is a maximum of two vouchers per person, you must be a registered resident of Xàbia, and be over the age of 18.

The vouchers can be used during the campaign which opens on Friday 7th October and ends on Monday 24th October.

Participating Businesses

Xàbia Histórica

  • BUSTIER (lingerie) · Plaça de la Marina Alta
  • CALZADOS LA RULLA (footwear) · Calle San Buenaventura, 10
  • ELECTRODOMÉSTICOS GABRIEL SAPENA (household appliances) · Carrer Sant Pere Martír
  • EMBRUIX (restaurant) · Carrer Major, 17
  • INSIEME (fashion) · Avenida Principe de Asturias, 18
  • JOYERÍA ALONIS (jeweller) · Carrer Mayor, 13
  • LA TALLARINA (seamstress) · Carrer Major, 58
  • MARIBEL GILABERT (traditional dress) · Tossal de Dalt, 13
  • ÓPTICA PICÓ (opticians) · Placeta del Convent
  • PIZZERIA GUILIA (restaurant) · Carrer Mestre Àngel Palència, 2
  • TIEN 21 JAIME VIVES (household appliances) · Avenida de Palmela, 47
  • TODO FIESTA (party shop) · Avenida de Palmela, 18

Xàbia Port

  • A LA DERIVA (restaurant) · Calle Andrés Lambert, 1
  • JADE (health and beauty) · Avenida de Lepanto, 2
  • MILAR MORAGUES (household appliances) · Carretera Cable la Nao-Pla, 43
  • TRES PEQUES (children’s fashion) · Avenida de Lepanto, 15

Xàbia Arenal

  • CASA DEL VINO (wine merchants) · Avenida de la Fontanta, 12c
  • HELENA BERENGUER IBORRA (general) · Avenida de la Llibertad, 1

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