The opposition in Xàbia shows its cards as council prepares to discuss 2022 budget

The next plenary session will be held online after after the mayor and the finance councillor tested positive for coronavirus and have been forced to isolate.

Wednesday 26th January 2022 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

The three opposition parties in Xàbia, PP, Compromís and Ciudadanos have shown their cards ahead the plenary session that is to be held this Thursday, a session during which the local government will submit the first budgets of the legislature for approval.

XAD has learned that the representatives from each of the three parties abstained this Monday in the Accounts Commission on the point relating to municipal budgets; Ciudadanos por Jávea voted in favor. The meeting was held online through Zoom, since mayor José Chulvi and the councilor Ximo Segarra (Treasury) are both confined after having tested positive, forcing them to work from home, as they have announced on their social networks.

This situation also means that the forthcoming plenary session to be held online and it will be the second week that municipal politics has been forced to do so; last week the spokesman for Ciudadanos, Enrique Escrivá, was confined to his home.

The mayor has called the plenary session for 7.00pm on Thursday 27th and it will be broadcast on YouTube. And it will be at that moment when the opposition spokespersons will establish their position regarding the budgets that the government team has prepared and that rise to 39.3 million euros, a meager investment item of 1.2 million (for the swimming pool) and a string of projects to be carried out charged to the remaining treasury.

The plenary session will approve the accounts, but will also ratify the acquisition of the land in the Catarrojes area to be used as a municipal warehouse. Some land that is acquired in an area in which the industrial estate has not yet been developed, blocked like the auditorium.

The hiring of the data protection delegate will also be approved, as well as a request for help from the Ministry of Culture to renew the lighting of the Casa de la Cultura in Plaça del Baix.

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