Xàbia’s new rubbish collection and street cleaning contract starts this week

TETMA begins a progressive transition of the improvements and changes contracted for a total modernization of the service.

Wednesday 26th January 2022 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

Xàbia Council has confirmed that the new contract for rubbish collection and the cleaning of streets, public areas and beaches in the town as well as management of the EcoParque, which was finally awarded to Valencian company TETMA SA at the end of last May, will come into force at 00:00 hours of Friday 28th January. The new service will cost 5.9 million euros a year, an increase of around two million euros per annum, an amount that won’t affect the municipal rate levels already paid by residents.

TETMA will begin a progressive implementation process that includes the total modernization of the service with many important changes to be implemented over the next few months, such as the comprehensive upgrade of the fleet of vehicles, equipment as well as improvements to the management of the EcoParque and the Zona Verdes rubbish deposit zones. There will also be an increase in personnel whilst containers and rubbish bins will be replaced. A new powerful technological platform will also be implemented to improve efficiency, manage complaints and incidents, and reduce pollution.

It is expected that the new service will be 100% operation by the summer and will try to respond to the main issues affecting the current service, including discharges, by creating a specific team for cleaning, surveillance and sanctioning.

Another improvement to the contract is the requirement to establish environmental education as well as encourage good practices in waste disposal by professional sectors and stop antisocial behaviour, such as those related to animal excrement.

With regards to street cleaning, all the equipment will be changed; the machinery will be electric-powered to reduce pollution and make it quieter when working at night. Washing down of the streets with high-pressure hot water and disinfectant will return and minimum street cleaning frequencies will be set for the urbanizations, a service that will be provided with two exclusive street cleaning machines. Equipment will also be introduced to allow for weeds to be removed from pavements and tree pits.

The service schedule will also improved to strengthen it during the high season, especially on the beaches, and specific equipment will be introduced to improve the cleaning of less accessible coves, including a drone for inspections.

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