Seven out of ten doses of the vaccine have been administered in large vaccination centres

The mass vaccination campaign has been carried out for 7 months and has allowed the administration of 5.3 million doses and immunization of 2,997,608 people.

Tuesday 28th September 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has reported that seven out of ten doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 has been administered in the region’s mass vaccination centres during the seven months in which they have been operating, fully immunising almost 3 million people and administering over 5.3 million doses.

Speaking during a visit to the mass vaccination point at the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in Valencia, in which he was accompanied by the regional health secretary Ana Barceló, Puig claimed that the management of the vaccination campaign has been a “success of Valencian society and of the health personnel” and referred to the work carried out in the 133 mass centres as “mission accomplished”.

Specifically, he explained that during the seven month in which the centres have been operating, some 2,997,608 people have been vaccinated and a total of 5,328,960 doses have been administered, a figure that represents almost 71% of all the doses administered in the Comunidad Valenciana, some 7.5 million.

The president claimed that the region is above the average in the main vaccination indicators in Spain, which is ranked first in the world, and specifically highlighted that 87.6% of the population has completed the vaccination course and that 90.1% have received at least one dose.

During the visit, Puig stressed that the vaccination campaign continues and has appealed to those who have yet been vaccinated to do so, since he has considered it “essential to reach the maximum possible immunization”. He explained that the primary care centres will continue to vaccinate those who have not yet received the vaccine and they will carry out an “active search” for people who are not yet protected to offer them the possibility of being vaccinated.

He added that booster doses in nursing homes and the immunosuppressed population is continuing through the preventative medicine services in hospitals.

The president thanks the work of all the health personnel and specifically the 2,146 professionals who have taken care of the population in the mass vaccination centres daily, including nursing staff, administration, auxiliary technician, and doctors.

The mass vaccination centres have served essential groups such as security forces and teachers as well as the entire population which has been summoned by age group whilst they have been recently opened to administer vaccines without appointment.

The first mass centres were three field hospitals that were opened in March, which was later expanded to 22 centres and then increased to 133 mass vaccination points in May. On Tuesday, they will close their doors, except for those in Altea and San Miguel de Salinas which will remain open until Wednesday and Thursday respectively due to local fiestas.

Vaccination by Numbers

Doses Administered
Provincía de Alicante: 1,981,014 doses (37.2%)
Provincía de Castellón: 461,345 (8.6%)
Provincía de Valencia: 2,886,601 (54.2%)

Types of Vaccine
Pfizer/BioNTech: 3,689,449 doses (69.2%)
Moderna: 766,136 doses (14.5%)
AstraZeneca: 710,541 doses (13.3%)
Janssen: 162,834 doses (3%)

Busiest Vaccination Centres
Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències: 639,447 doses administered
Ciudad de la Luz de Alicante: 317,701 doses
IFA Alicante: 278,768 doses
Auditori de Castelló: 189,079 doses
Specifically, 1,424,995 doses have been administered in these four centres, representing 26.7% of the total.

In just the four largest vaccination points (Ciutat de les Arts, IFA, Ciudad de la Luz and Auditori de Castelló) more than 1.8 million needles and 1.6 million syringes have been used.

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