Residents complain to PP about the neglect of their streets

The state of the streets reflects unfulfilled promises and negligence in the management and maintenance of the municipality.

Monday 26th April 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

A Statement from Populares de Xàbia

The Chulvi government has not been able to maintain the municipality and proof of this is the large number of complaints that are being received from residents.

This is a serious and worrying situation as there are streets where municipal services have not been seen for years. “There are green areas that you can’t even get close to” is the usual image and is the most repeated complaint to this municipal government.

The residents of Montgó, specifically those on Calle Piscis and Calle Leo, have expressed to their dissatisfaction with the municipal government for not addressing the problems that have accumulated throughout the area.

Problems like, that the STOP sign to join the Carretera de Jesús Pobre has been lying on the ground for some time. Or that a tree has been allowed to grow into the road, forcing vehicles into the opposite direction of the road. Or that the last time the hedges were cut, the same neighbors did it to travel down the street without the branches and without the cables that are in the air.

But there are also things that no longer dependent on a resident and that is that since December there is a hole dug by AMJASA, just at the intersection of Calle Piscis, Calle Leo and Calle Tauro, without an iron plate that covers it and surrounded by protective barriers that are more often at lying on the ground.

Calle Leo has a lack of a rainwater network and the lack of urbanization of the only section of the street causes a danger to residents. This has been aggravated by placing a curb outside the sidewalk alignment, invading the street, reducing road space and on an unlit street, this curb has burst tyres.

And what has been done about it? Well, the curb is still there, it seems that the municipal administration approves it, since instead of removing it, it has chosen to paint the road signs around it. On this street, other illogical actions are also allowed, such as allowing the width of a pavement to be reduced by building a plot wall.

One of the neighbors has told the Populares that he no longer knows how to ask the councillor for some drains so that when a few drops of rain fall this street will not become the municipal swimming pool for days.

Populares Xabia say that a government must ensure the quality of life of its residents and there is no better way than to take seriously the cleaning of ravines and green areas. As in the rest of the ravines of Xàbia, the one of the Calle Piscis is also full of enormous trees strangled by the weeds that cover them, the neighbors feel panic that a spark “makes him blow everything by the air” for lack of maintenance.

This is happening on Calle Piscis, Calle Leo … how many streets in Xàbia are going through the same thing?

The Populares are convinced that with what it pays it should give so that the municipal services, technical, AMJASA go through their streets at least once a year. All streets are important and there should be no first and second class citizens for the town hall.

Populares Xàbia are working to help and listen to residents so if you want to get in touch with them you can do so via email, through its Facebook page (Populares Xabia / Jávea) or in Instagram (@popularesxabia).

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