Reform of Thiviers park goes out to tender

The project has an initial budget of almost 380,000 euros and will completely reform the play area in the square.

Tuesday 27th April 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

Xàbia Council has approved the tender process for companies to bid for the reformation project of the children’s playground in Parque Reina Sofia in Thiviers, a initiative which has an initial budget of 379,317.87 euros (inc IVA) and will take seven months to complete.

The design of the playground, which has an area of 3,420 square metres, will follow the proposal submitted by the Children’s Council, a collective of schoolchildren representing all the schools in the town, who chose the theme “Siete Mares” and proposed that the area be divided into three areas with children’s games, a bio-healthy fitness area and a zone for different sports.

However, the reformation will go well beyond a comprehensive change of the play areas and will upgrade the lighting system, provide a solution to stop sand and earth being swept onto the surrounding roads during periods of heavy rain, provide shady areas using large trees, and improve the garden so that it can be better maintained as well as provide information boards to explain about the different areas and their uses whilst also limiting the access of animals. In addition, a fence will be installed and the access points re-organised so the area can be secured at night and provide good visibility to prevent vandalism.

The Council is also finalizing details for a similar reformation project to re-model the park area in Plaza Xativa in Freginal, which will also experience a radical and complete change.

The local authorities have also put aside a reserve of 140,000 euros for the development and repair of other playgrounds as well as the reformation and modernization of those located amongst the trees in Parque Montaner and in Parque Pedro IV in the port.