New climbing wall conveys positive message to students

The high school wanted such a wall to help them realise their own potential.

Thursday 15th July 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

American poet Emily Dickinson once wrote: “We never know how high we are; Till we are called to rise“, suggesting that everyone has the potential to do something great but that we never really know how capable we are of doing those great things until we are asked to do so. And this is the message conveyed by a new climbing wall at IES Antoni Llidó de Xàbia.

An otherwise dull concrete wall has been painted with an image of the mountain of Montgó, which can been seen from the high school’s windows, as well as a beautiful landscape. Within this mural, several words have been written: solidarity, equality, integration, education, love, protection, identity. When the students make use of the climbing wall, always under supervision, they will be steeped in such values.

Climbing walls have become fashionable. The high school wanted such a wall not only to promote values to the students but also help them to discover that it is in their power to make a more just, sustainable and egalitarian world.

School director Amparo Cortell explained that “the climbing wall has been funded by the parent’s association chaired by Ana Mulet and our gratitude goes to this group that is always aware of the needs of the high school“. It had planned to create such a wall two years ago but the pandemic forced a delay. Now, finally, it has become a reality, encouraging the students to explore their potential.

Dickinson’s verse links to one of the Delphic maxims inscribed onto the wall of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself”.

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