Vaccination of young people in Valencia will be accelerated during August

Barceló: “In August and September the Comunidad Valenciana will receive an increase in the dose of Moderna in order to speed up vaccination”

Photo: Generalitat Valenciana

Thursday 14th July 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The regional health ministry will be accelerating the vaccination of young people in the Comunidad Valenciana from next month August, thanks to an offset of vaccine doses that has been agreed with the Ministry of Health which will result in an increase of jabs delivered to the region.

Ana Barceló, the regional health secretary, explained that the Comunidad Valenciana will receive more doses for vaccination, thanks to an increase in the number of Moderna vaccines that will be delivered to Spain. As agreed by the Interterritorial Council on Wednesday, these doses will be distributed to the autonomous regions which have a deficit, either for vaccination of displaced people or by population, which has to be adjusted to data provided by INE.

Barceló said that the Comunidad Valenciana has been claiming for a long time that it needs to have the ability to administer more doses, since two events were taking place that made this adjustment necessary to speed up the vaccination process.

On one hand, doses have been allocated to vaccinate displaced people from other autonomous regions since the objective has always been to protect the population and, therefore, vaccinate the population which is going to be living in the region for some time in order to contain the spread of the virus. Barceló explained that the Ministry of Health was committed to cross-checking data within the system so that the autonomous regions can confirm which citizens have been vaccinated, both in their own region and displaced from other regions.

Likewise, it was agreed in the Interterritorial Council is to compensate for the deficit that occurred at the beginning of the vaccination process, when more doses were allocated to autonomous regions with older populations. Barceló indicated that the elderly are now protected and that vaccines are received according to population but a resolution was needed to solve the deficit that has occurred over time, since there are other regions with have an older population who received more doses than the Comunidad Valenciana.

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