Social meetings should be registered with the Town Hall and observe requirements of local by-laws and COVID-19 measures.

Xàbia Council reminds everyone that they must respect others ...

As we move into the peak season of August, Xàbia Council has issued a reminder that anyone who plans to hold social meetings, such as parties, in private spaces (including houses) must respect both the local by-law on Citizen Co-Existence as well as the Decree Law 11/2020 issued by the Generalitat Valenciana with regards to the required health and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.

The most important points to remember are:

– Hosts must register a responsible declaration of leisure activities (which can be found on the municipal website [external link]) informing the authorities of the characteristics of the event, providing the details of the responsible person and committing to respect hours and not disturb the neighbourhood.

– All activities that pose a fire risk should be avoided, such as barbecues in aries close to forestry zones, the use of pyrotechnics such as fireworks, etc.

– Parties, public or private, which involve the gathering together of people that prevent or hinder the required health and safety measures detailed in Decree Law 11/2020 [link] or if minors and/or people over the age of 65 years should be avoided.

The Council has also reminded that it is the responsibility of the owners of properties available to rent to tourists to do everything possible to prevent inconvenience that their clients may cause to the neighbourhood and should advise them of the obligation to respect the rules of co-existence.