The positions will be a caretaker, two construction workers and two administration assistants.

Xàbia Council has been awarded a grant worth some 62,539 euros from the Valencian Employment and Training Service (SERVEF) as part of a comprehensive plan for employment and training known as Avalem Experiència which is aimed at unemployed people over 30 years of age who will be employed full-time in the construction and service sectors during a period of at least six months.

Councillor Marta Bañuls (Economic Development) explained that the Council will utilise this financial aid to hire five people who fit the criteria – a caretaker, two construction workers and two administrative assistants. The selection of the personnel will place in mid-August from the Labora (formally SERVEF).

The Avalem Experiència programme will benefit around 1,100 unemployed people across the Comunidad Valenciana who are over the age of 30, offering a minimum six-month employment contract in the construction and service sectors across the region. The grants issued to participating municipalities and entities will be used to cover the salaries and social security contributions of those selected from unemployed people registered as jobseekers in their corresponding municipality. Those who don’t receive unemployment benefits or subsidies are given priority.

The overall aim of the programme is to respond to the critical social situation caused by the high unemployment rate, especially for those over 45 years of age and those who have been unemployed for more than 12 months. The Ministry of Economy at the Generalitat Valenciana estimates that the target audience for the programme is some 190,600 people.