CD Jávea tops the Regional Preferente for the first time for 19 years

The club last reached such dizzy heights during 2002-2003 season when it just missed out on promotion to the Third Division.

Wednesday 6th October 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

Victory at Racing d’Algemesi last weekend, together with CF UE Tavernes drawing at CD Contestano, saw CD Jávea rise to the top of the table of the Regional Preferente, an achievement that only older fans of the side will be able to remember.  

We have to go back to the 2002-2003 season for the last time the club, led by president Vicente Ortolá and coached by Moya, reached the top of the pile during a season in which they fought for promotion to the Third Division, a season in which CF Hercules ‘B’ achieved promotion, the rojiblancos losing out in the play-offs to SD Sueca.

If we go back a little further, CD Jávea was in the Third Division in 1990, the club president at the time being the fondly remembered Miguel Barber with Jerónimo Calsita as coach. Jávea led the table until the penultimate round of games when a draw in UD Canals together with a Dénia victory placed the neighbouring team at the top. In the final round of games, Dénia won at L’Ollería whilst Jávea’s win against Novelda was in vain and they had to settle for the runner-up position whilst Dénia won promotion to the Second Division ‘B’.

Season 2002-2003

With no games this weekend due to the celebrations marking October 9th, the day of the Comunidad Valenciana, XAD had a chat with the current head coach of CD Jávea, Manuel Esteban, to find out how the current squad is feeling about being the current leaders of Group IV of the Regional Preferente.

After October 9 break, what assessment do you make of the team?

“Such breaks are never good for teams that have good dynamics. I’m not superstitious either and we are going to face the game against L’Ollería CF as if we were going to play them this weekend. The federation (FFCV) is the one that sets the calendar and those who are not doing well will be able to reset themselves. With regards to our team, I consider it as being immaculate. We only had one slight hiccup in which we conceded a draw, along with the four victories, three of them away from home. Not even in the best of dreams would we have started the season like we have.”

Who expected that, with the problems of the club, after five games, they would lead the table?

“I acknowledge that we have had some problems to bring together the squad and nobody expected that, with all the problems that the club had in the summer, it would be where it is now. For ten days, we didn’t have t a good time, with the black days following the resignation of the board of directors, and there is always the fear that the new board might not support the project. But this was not the case after I spoke with the president of the new management group, even the mayor who reacted fabulously, and with Juan Boluda who has transmitted absolute tranquillity and full confidence. We must also recognise that some players left during those uncertain times. But football is incomprehensible. We are top of the table and maybe some people thought it more likely that we would be mid-table after five games. We’re going to fight for everything now that we can see our potential. Success belongs to all of them, the previous board and the current one, and I think they get along well, with sons in the first team as well as the youth team.

With injuries to players such as Tali, Javi and later Rubén, the team will improve even more.

“Apart from those mentioned, David Buigues is also suffering from injury whilst Cabo has knocks, Ferrán and Paco are carrying knocks from previous games and in the end, they are all important. I won’t give importance to individuals; the important thing is the team and the one who thinks individually above the team is not wanted. Each player knows the role they have, the objective is to do things well, put into practice what we train, and football will tell us where we have to be. Nobody has demanded that we be first or second. We are required to work and that the managing board reinforce grassroots football and that Jávea players return and together we create a good academy and the first team set an example in many things.”

This rest weekend is going to be good for you for the recovery of players or would you have preferred playing?

“It will be a good chance for injured players to recover. The team will certainly improve, and we will have more days to train in certain aspects, so I’m not worried that there will be no match this weekend.”

“Being leaders is something very beautiful and creates a great atmosphere amongst the fans, which extends to the players so that they are more motivated.

“Being leaders is precious, seeing your team on top and seeing those training days bear fruit. We give players peace of mind, they know what their strengths and weaknesses are, we create a healthy environment where they feel safe and comforted and what is said is not a reprimand, it is a positive action to improve and that they are happy to play sports and wear the Jávea crest on their chest which is something very beautiful. Those from the town and others from nearby areas motivate them, generating a positive environment.”

This week are you going to work as usual or are you planning to give the players days off?

“They will work the same as the other weeks and have the weekend off so that they can recover themselves up, the coaching staff will send them a personalized schedule to stay fit and not lose their shape.”

The expectation among the fans is palpable in the street, the most veteran remember when Jávea was the leader, it is nice to involve the fans and for them to go to the field.

“I love that the fans are expectant and feel identified with the team. For 19 years, the team never managed to reach top spot and it is something very beautiful and we want to captivate most of the people with the game, the good treatment of the ball, generating good soccer for the fans to enjoy. We hope the run continues and, with more people behind us in the stands, we will feel stronger against our rivals.”

At the moment, only Tavernes keep pace with Jávea. Were you surprised by the defeats of Gandia and Denia against two teams that have already played against you, Pedreguer and La Font?

“Tavernes are a great team. We were also surprised by the defeats of Gandia and Denia, who are two teams who were expected to be at the top, especially Gandia. This shows that there is no easy rival and any team can win in this category, teams like CE Pedreguer, who were not expected to be doing so well, but has shown that it is capable of taking a clean sheet four games and three victories against important teams.”

You currently have 21 players. Are you happy with what you have, or do you think the team needs to be strengthened to continue being amongst the top positions?

“There is the possibility of strengthening some areas of the squad in the future but at the moment we can cover it by alternating the positions of several players who are happy to adapt to the new roles. It is important that they play in different positions so that they can be strengthened if required but right now there will be no reinforcements.”

Tell us about your assistants, Antonio, Dani, David. How important they are on a day-to-day basis?

“They are the key to my success as a coach. Supporting me are Dani, Antonio and David. Without them, I would not be who I am as a coach, I am developing every day with their help and they from mine; it is something reciprocal. Football is difficult to understand without a united technical team to draw daily conclusions and at the same time different opinions to improve. That is what they do, each one from their own position, as well as other implications that may not be attributed to them, but they have the confidence that things are said clearly and to the face. Without my teammates, I would be nobody.”

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