Education approves project for new Graüll school and the delegation of powers to Xàbia Council

The old school will be demolished with a new education centre constructed on its site.

Archive Photo: It has been more than three years since the number 2 of the Ministry of Education, Miquel Soler visited the Graüll school in Xàbia and verified in person the need for the work.

Wednesday 6th October 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

The regional education ministry has approved the construction of a new Graüll school and has delegated powers to Xàbia Council to begin the procedures to start the project as soon as possible to resolve an outstanding regional government debt to the local education community.

In a statement, the ministry, which is headed by Vicent Marzà, explained that the project has a cost of 6.6 million euros and will involve the demolition of the current Graüll school and the construction of a completely new education centre in its place. It will have two classrooms for two-year-old youngsters, six classrooms for infants (3-5 years), and twelve for primary school education as well as a gymnasium and dining room equipped with its own kitchen.

Once it has accepted the delegation of powers, the council will begin the procedures to initiate the project. First, the final drafting of the project will have to be out to tender followed by the contracting of the construction work based on this final draft.

The process up to this point has been a lengthy one. Municipal technicians have made up to five version of the basic report that were rejected by the ministry before the local government decided to hire an external report which was ultimately accepted.

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