Amendments to Traffic and Road Safety Law have come into force

Amendments include six point penalty for holding a mobile phone whilst driving and overtaking rules.

Thursday 24th March 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: original article – Xàbia AL DÍA

Since Monday 21st March, the Traffic and Road Safety Law has incorporated new features and modifications in the driving regulations and different sanctions that can be handed out for infractions.

For example, driving with your phone in your hand can now lead to a loss of up to 6 points on your driver’s license and not wearing a seat belt, 4 points. The 20km/h speed limit for overtaking on conventional roads also disappears and it is mandatory to change lanes when overtaking bicycles or mopeds on two or more lanes in each direction. Similarly, parking on bike lanes, even for a short time, is strictly prohibited.

All those drivers who lose points for having committed an infraction will be able to recover these points two years after their loss, if they have not committed any infraction that results their withdrawal.

Below are the new amendments to the law that have come into force.

Safety and driving

  • On conventional roads, drivers of cars and motorcycles will no longer be able to exceed the maximum speed by 20km/h to overtake other vehicles .
  • Not wearing a seat belt, child restraint systems and other protective elements properly: 4 point penalty.
  • Holding a mobile phone in your hand whilst driving: 6 point penalty.
  • Throwing objects onto the road or in its vicinity that could cause fires or accidents: 6 point penalty.
  • To overtake a bicycle or moped on a roads of two lanes or more each way, drivers must move into the next lane. On single-way roads, it remains mandatory to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres. Failure to do so: 6 point penalty.
  • Pedestrians have a right of way over vehicles on pedestrian crossings, sidewalks and pedestrian areas.

Respect of the rules, signals and authority

  • It is mandatory to respect the traffic restrictions that respond to the active protocols in the face of episodes of pollution and Low Emission Zones (ZBE).
  • It is forbidden to stop or park a vehicle on the bike lane or on bike lanes regardless of the length of stay.

Interference in the surveillance and control system

  • Using radar or speedometer inhibitors on vehicles is prohibited whether they are connected or not. “These are systems that interfere with the proper functioning of traffic surveillance systems so they are not permitted.” Doing so means losing 3 points.

Driving license and points

  • Regardless of the infractions that would have been committed, the period to recover the initial balance of points is 2 years if infractions are not committed that result in the loss of points.
  • It is no longer necessary to physically carry a driver’s license. Thanks to the miDGT App, you can prove that you have a driver’s license.
  • When it is necessary to take a test for obtaining or recovering a driving license or other administrative procedure for driving, communication devices not authorized by regulations may not be used. It is considered a very serious offense to collaborate or assist another person for this purpose. If this is the case, the applicant will not be able to take the tests for obtaining or recovering the permit within six months.


  • Not wearing a helmet or not doing so properly will lead to the loss of 4 points.
  • Certified or approved wireless devices may be used in helmets for communication or navigation purposes.


  • If you are a minor and you drive one of these vehicles, the rate of alcohol allowed to do so is 0.0.
  • Driving of Personal Mobility Vehicles on motorways and dual carriageways is prohibited.

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