Xàbia “will wait a bit” to carry out the reform of the Primer Montañar

It has been decided to pause the 2.5 million euro project and wait for the economy to stabilise and then carry out a price review.

Thursday 3rd November 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: XAD

The reform of the Primer Montañar, the stretch of coastline between the port and the Arenal, is to be put on hold in anticipation of better times for public procurement and for a drop in the price of the raw materials that would be needed to carry out the 2.5 million euro project that was announced with great fanfare by the local government.

This decision was revealed during the last plenary session at the town hall in response to a question from Vicent Colomer (Compromís) who wanted to know if the project was ready to be implemented and, if so, “can we see it?” In previous sessions of the council, both mayor José Chulvi and the councillor responsible for Town Planning, Pepa Gisbert, had promised to show the details of the project to the opposition councillors. However, according to Colomer, this hasn’t been the case.

The mayor explained that the project had been developed by the council’s own technical staff who decided that it was prudent to pause the procedure and to “wait a bit” for the economy to stabilise and then carry out a price review. This was the policy that has been followed for the second sports centre, to be constructed in the Freginal zone, which was subject to a price review last month.

The mayor also acknowledged that the Primer Montañar project is “a very sensitive one” and that the local government wants to have “maximum security to avoid complications”, which could include no bids placed for carrying out the work, or a company abandoning the project midway through its execution, as has been done with other works, such as the municipal auditorium.

He reminded the session of the nightmare that was experienced by businesses and residents in the historic centre of the town when the reformation of much of the area was abandoned and left in a state of paralysis for several months before another company took on the task to complete the project. This is something that the local government wants to avoid along the Primer Montañar.

With regards to the second sports centre in Freginal, the proposal and modification of the General Plan to allow its height to be greater than that allowed by urban regulations was supported by all sides which manes that procedures can start to develop this new 8.3 million euro infrastructure.

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