Xàbia mayor meets with town’s senior citizens to explain social support measures for 2023

The attendees were also able to question the councillors for Services, Treasury and Economic Development.

Wednesday 1st February 2023
Mike Smith

Mayor José Chulvi held a meeting with senior citizens in the municipality to explain the different measures for social support and for fighting inflation that have been planned by the town hall during 2023 as well as to listen to their doubts and suggestions.

The meeting discussed everything from tax deductions for this year – 17% discount on IBI (property tax) and a full discount on rubbish tax which will not be charged directly to any home or business – to other actions such as the exemption of taxes for the municipal nursery and for the opening of businesses to trade bonds and employment plans.

The government team wanted to convey all this information in person to a group that has the most difficulties in accessing it virtually. Despite taking steps if digitalization and electronic processing, face-to-face attention has also been strengthening in the department that deal with queries from people without digital skills, such as the Treasury Department and the Department of Social Services.

Throughout the meeting, it was also possible to talk about the role of the local council in managing the different crises that have been experienced during this legislature, especially the COVID-19 pandemic, a time that older experienced particularly harshly. Other topics of interest to the people who attended could be directed to the responsible councillors, such as Kika Mata (Services) and Ximo Segarra (Finance, Economic Development).

The mayor’s office wanted to thank the retirees for their response to this informative meeting, a very positive and enriching meeting in which the relaxed and close atmosphere experienced before the coronavirus pendemic could be recovered.

Source: Press Release – Ajuntament de Xàbia