Xàbia collected 3.49 million euros from construction last year

These figures suggest that the construction sector is still performing well in Xàbia.

Tuesday 4th May 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

Xàbia Council collected 3.49 million euros in fees and taxes from the construction sector during 2020 from a total income of just over 24 million euros.

According to figures from the 2020 accounts which were approved by the plenary session in March, the Council collected 2.09 million euros from building licences and a further 1.40 million euros in Construction and Works Tax (OCIO).

The municipal treasury also benefited from around 99,000 euros from Habitation and First Occupation Certificates as well as 68,000 euros from the fee for other urban services.

These figures suggest that the construction sector is performing well in Xàbia, a suggestion made visible by the number of cranes that can be seen in all directions as well as the fact that the governing board is approving more development each week.

However, the figures are a little lower than 2019 when the council collected 2.51 million euros from building licences and 1.40 million euros from the ICIO.

9 million euro surplus

The improved revenue from construction allowed the council to compensate for reductions in other areas due to the pandemic, such as the suspension of tax for public highway occupation for bars and restaurants, as well as lower revenues in fees because companies or families simply couldn’t afford to pay them.

Thus, the closing of the account for 2020 shows an expenditure of 32 million euros and an income of 42.59 million euros, leaving a surplus of 9 million euros which the local government is allocating to different aid plans to support residents and businesses in the town.

Personnel: 12.41 million euros
Current Goods: 13 million euros
Financial Expenses: 879 euros
Current Transfers: 3.47 million euros (agreements between groups and clubs as well as direct aid to businesses)
Real Investments: 2.62 million euros

Direct Taxes (IBI): 21.85 million euros
Indirect Taxes: 1.40 million euros
Public Rates & Prices (Rubbish): 9.27 million euros
Current Transfers: 8.92 million euros (participation in local financing)
Capital Income: 0.19 million euros
Disposal of Real Investments: 0.45 million euros
Capital Transfers: 0.57 million euros