Valencia will administer 324,000 vaccine doses this week

Second doses of Pfizer for the 70 to 79 year age group will account for a large number of them.

Monday 3rd May 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The Comunidad Valenciana plans to administer 324,190 doses of the four vaccines that are authorized in the European market in the next week.

With regards to the Pfizer vaccine, the largest amount will go on second doses between 70 and 79 years (108,908 doses), while another 74,730 will be administered, as a first dose, to people between 69 and 72 years. The total number of doses of this vaccine type will be 198,350 doses. High-risk people will also be vaccinated in this group.

The over 70 age group will receive 2,460 Moderna jabs as second doses whilst the AstraZeneca vaccine will be used as first doses for the age group 60 to 65 years (born between 1956 and 1961), with approximately 84,280 doses administered in the large vaccination centres and another 26,100 doses in basic health areas. Some 13,000 single doses of the Janssen vaccine will be administered to people aged between 70 and 72.

In total, 112,050 Valencians will receive the second dose in the next seven days, and thus complete their vaccination whilst another 13,000 will reach the optimal degree of immunization with the Janssen single-dose vaccine.