Xàbia asks Costas for permission to place 20 buoys around Cap Negre

In addition, the local council has published details of the ‘Plan de Playas’ to formally occupy the Terrestrial Maritime Public Domain.

Wednesday 16th February 2022 – MIKE SMITH
Translated from an original article by CARLOS LÓPEZ on Xàbia AL DÍA

Xàbia Council has requested permission from the Provincial Headquarters for Coasts to install 20 anchoring buoys around Cap Negre, one of the areas in which this type of system does not currently exist, to stop vessels anchoring directly onto the seabed.

An announcement was published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette of the Province, which Xabia AL DÍA has consulted, and which also includes a request for the installation of entry and exit channels for boats on the beaches of the Primer Montañar (in the section next to the river) and the Arenal ( a channel for kayaks and paddle at the southern end Punta del Arenal).

The request was made by the opposition parties in the municipality for an area that did not appear in which the initial contract for installing buoys along the coast which was signed last year with Route Point. If Costas authorizes, these buoys will be placed in the area prevent vessels from dropping their anchors directly on to the bottom of the sea.

However, sources have highlighted that up to four sectoral reports are necessary to authorize it, among them, from the Maritime Captaincy and the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Together with these requests, the local council has also processed and published this Tuesday, what is known as the Plan de Playas, a formal request for the occupation of the space of the Terrestrial Maritime Public Domain (the space between the sea line and 100 meters following inland (the equivalent of the distance from the sea at the Primer Montañar to the green bike lane), for seasonal services such as hammocks, umbrellas and beach bars.

Xàbia AL DIA has learned that the plan will not be like that of previous years and will adapt to the post-pandemic situation as well as the sustainability criteria that the local government has been implementing for a few years.

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