Valencia Tourism launches online campaign to re-activate regional tourism during Easter

Internal tourism will be promoted through online actions and on social networks with the hashtag #CreaRecuerdos.

Thursday 25th March 2021 | PRESS RELEASE; translation MIKE SMITH

Turisme Comunitat Valenciana has launched a new online campaign to reactivate responsible regional tourism over the Semana Santa period, encouraging those who live in the Comunidad Valenciana to rediscover the region.

The campaign is also aimed at the national market and will create souvenir marketing and special links for tourist who – for now – cannot visit the Comunidad Valenciana, especially the main source of national tourism, those from Madrid.

The new campaign has already started and will remain available until Monday 5th April with different online interactions on social networks, email, SEM (search engine marketing), and digital advertising.


The social network campaign is aimed primarily at those who live in the Comunidad Valenciana with the following tags:

  • Instagram – @comunitat_valenciana
  • Facebook – @comunitatvalenciana
  • Twitter – @c_valenciana

Through these platforms, evocative images of the region and different short videos will be published under the hashtag #CreaRecuerdos.

In addition, other online actions will be carried out to encourage reservations and promotion regional tourism.

‘Aquí te espero’

Turisme Comunitat Valenciana also wants to promote the image of the region to the national tourist market as a place that will always be waiting and actions will be carried out to generate that special connection with the nation through publications and a special video entitled ‘Aquí te espero’ – ‘I’ll wait for you here’.

English Translation:
You know that in the Valencian Community, we love to share with those who visit us. How eager we are to receive you and give you a welcome hug again. This Easter we will not be able to see each other but soon we will be together. We love you. Valencian Community. Mediterranean live and safe.

Radio Advertising for the Madrid Market

The regional tourism department is also launching a regional radio campaign this Friday 26th throughout the Comunidad de Madrid until April 2nd in which there will be a nod of friendship towards the people of Madrid and especially those who regularly visit the Comunidad Valenciana year after year.

These advertising spots, which will be broadcast on the main radio stations in the Madrid region, will convey a message of understanding regarding restrictions on travel to the Comunidad Valenciana as well as one of encouragement that once the perimeter is open again, the people of Madrid can return to enjoy the Valencian region once again.

The Madrid market is the main source of national tourism to the Comunidad Valenciana with more than 3.5 million tourists coming to the region during 2019, second only to the Valencians themselves.

Information Source
Press Release – Generalitat Valenciana