Valencia plans to administer over 218,000 vaccine doses this week

A total of 146,774 people aged 66 to 69 in the Comunidad Valenciana are vaccinated this week

Monday 10th May 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The regional health ministry’s COVID-19 vaccination teams are planning to administer 218,199 vaccine doses this week, specifically 170,007 of the Pfizer type and 48,912 of the Moderna type, both of which have been distributed to the health departments.

The Pfizer doses are primarily intended for the vaccination of more than 101,000 people in the 66-69 age group (those born between 1951 and 1955 inclusive). The remainder is intended for second doses for people with high risk conditions and other priority groups in the strategy.

Most of the Moderna vaccine (more than 45,500 doses) is also intended for the vaccination of people in the 66.69 age group, with the remainder intended as second doses for those health personnel who received their first jab between April 12th and 18th as well as health personnel from private health centres. In addition, people with high risk conditions will also be vaccinated.

The 66-69 age group in the Comunidad Valenciana will receive their doses with the aim of completing their vaccination in the shortest possible time, since the second dose will be administered after three weeks for Pfizer recipients and after four weeks for those receiving the Moderna vaccine.

Finally, this week, the Comunidad Valenciana is expecting delivery of 235,780 vaccine doses: 188,370 Pfizer, 32,800 Moderna and 14,700 Janssen.