Tourism can help combat the physical and mental fatigue of COVID-19

Francesc Colomer emphasizes that “a tourism brand must be constantly reinvented by incorporating rising concepts, such as health tourism”

PHOTO CREDIT: Generalitat Valenciana

The post-COVID world will exalt life, health, and well-being. Consequently, health tourism can be the answer to combat the mental fatigue caused by the pandemic. This is the opinion of the Valencian regional secretary of Tourism Francesc Colomer during the opening of the inaugural International Congress of Tourism and Welfare in the Costa Blanca which took place in L’Alfaz del Pi this week.

Colomer explained that “health tourism is a major challenge at the moment” and stressed that “a tourism brand must be constantly reinvented to incorporate this growing concept“, adding that a good national and international position can only be achieved with a professional approach to provide a profitable product such as health tourism which has been growing on the Costa Blanca.

He added that tourism will return, but especially health tourism becauese it would make more sense than ever to provide a destination for a healing and renewing journey after the pandemic.

The Director-General of Tourism, Herick Campos, added that the Generalitat will be creating a working group with destinations and companies to specifically promote health tourism, stressing that Next Generation EU funding is an opportunity for this type of product. He explained that the regional government will increase the specific promotion of health tourism, working on its connection with other tourist products as well as a complement to destinations.