Thiviers residents raise concerns over lack of progress of the park renovation

They fear that the project will become bogged down like the contracts for the municipal auditorium and the industrial estate.

Thursday 17th February 2022 – Mike Smith
Translated from an original article by Carlos López on Xàbia AL DÍA

Concern is spreading among the residents of Thiviers due to the absence of workers from the company awarded the reform project for the neighbourhood park in Plaza Reina Sofía.

Some of them have expressed their concern to Xàbia AL DÌA because they have not seen personnel from the two companies that were awarded the works for a week. The contract to reform the park with new furniture and a new play area for children was awarded to the joint venture UTE PARQUE JÁVEA (Del Valle Informes y Proyectos and Emyplan SL) back in late July 2021 for a price of 292,719 euros. This union was awarded the project after the dismissal of the initial winning bidder Domingo Serna Construcciones Metálicas who failed to justify its extraordinary low price to complete the work. The company would win the contract for the reform work of the the park in the middle of Plaza Xàtiva in Freginal which was completed and opened earlier this month.

Work on the park in Thiviers began in the second half of October 2021 and the project has an execution period of seven months. A week ago, a local government team headed by mayor José Chulvi visited the park to inspect the progress of the work. Residents claim that “the tone of voice” between the council and the contractors was “quite heated”.

Xàbia AL DÍA confirmed this inspection visit with municipal sources at the end of last week, who denied that the tone of the conversation was heated and explained that work on the reform project had not stopped and that the apparent halt in progress could be due to a change of working personnel.

However, a new week has begun and the concerns of residents continue, fearing that the project will become bogged down like the contracts for the municipal auditorium and the industrial estate. Each sunrise it greeted with the hopes that the personnel from the joint venture will arrive aand continue with the much-needed and much-lauded reformation of their park.

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