The special celebration marks the start of the preparations for this magical fiesta that enlivens the port zone every July.

For a brief moment over two days, the port zone will be swaying to the music of the Moors and Christians again as the troops of the Crescent and the Cross gather together to celebrate ‘Mig Any’ – the ‘half year’ – which is a special event that marks the start of the preparations for the spectacular that will be taking place in July.

For the troops, it is a moment of brotherhood between the different ‘filaes’ who form the great and colourful ranks which parade through the streets of the port during the summer. It is a moment to close the previous season and bid farewell to the standard bearers and captains that represented the fiesta and the town. It is the moment to prise open the doors of the new season, to welcome the new Standard Bearers for 2024 as well as the formal presentation of the Filà Captain and its representatives.

On the evening of Friday 16th February, the troops will gather at the iconic archway in the port, the traditional start of those magical summer parades, to embark on an informal parade through the streets at 8.00pm before enjoying some snacks and drinks together in the heart of Duanes de la Mar.

On Saturday 17th February, the troops will enjoy a lively brunch together, enlivened by the music of the ubiquitous charanga band before once again embarking on an informal parade through the streets of the port at 12.30pm. In the afternoon, they will enjoy a gala lunch together at Salones Carrasco, during which the 2024 Standard Bearers for each side will be proclaimed and the Filà Captain 2024 will be presented.

The Moros i Cristians Xàbia will be taking place in the summer, kicking off with the special presentation evening on Saturday 13th July and concluding with two grand gala parades on Saturday 20th July and Sunday 21st July.