The talk included what to deposit in the different coloured containers, including the new brown one which is being implemented.

A educational awareness team from TETMA, the company contracted for waste collection in Xàbia, has given a lecture on recycling, waste disposal and the new “fifth fraction” to students at the Adult Education Centre in the municipality.

The lecture forms part of the awareness campaign which has been developed by TETMA in collaboration with the Department of Services in Xàbia to highlight the importance of recycling as well as explain how residents should separate their waste correctly to help reduce treatment costs for the local council and consequently for the taxpayer.

During the lecture, the team explained what type of waste should be deposited in each of the coloured containers whilst also dismantling what they called ‘false recycling myths’:

  • Green is for glass bottles only. All other glass materials, such as windows, cannot be deposited in this container.
  • Yellow is for plastic containers as well as tetrabriks and cans.
  • Blue is for paper and cardboard (so long as it is not stained by food, for example).
  • Brown is for organic matter and includes tea bags, food-stained cardboard (such as pizza boxes), napkins and small garden debris.
  • Grey is for everything that cannot be deposited in the previous containers, such as children’s nappies and pet waste.

The TETMA representatives explained that the distribution of the BROWN containers across the municipality is progressing and that there are already such containers in seven of the municipal ‘Punts Verds’. Further implementation will follow in phases planned by the company and the local council.

The team also explained that waste such as windows, paint cans, electronic devices and light bulbs, amongst others, should be taken to the Ecopark in Cami de les Corts. In addition, a mobile ecopark tours the town during the week, stopping at the Placeta del Convent on Mondays, Avenida Jaime I in the port on Tuesdays and the MasyMas Arenal roundabout on Wednesdays.