The concert forms part of a full agenda of festive musical performances this coming weekend.

The Ensemble de Casa del Mediterráneo will be coming to Xàbia this Saturday 16th December to perform a special Christmas concert inside the historic church of San Bartolomé under the direction of Ignacio García-Vidal.

The group is the resident orchestra of the Casa del Mediterráneo, a consortium based in Alicante of which Xàbia is a member which works to foster relations between Spain and other Mediterranean countries on such diverse themes such as culture, economy and technological innovation.

For its performance in Xàbia, the orchestra will feature wind, percussion and string musicians, such as Isabel Carrasco (flute and piccolo), José Jaime Charco (oboe), Gabriel Sánchiz (clarinet), Sergio Pérez (bassoon), Marc Gosálbez (horn), Félix García (trumpet), Guillem Serrano (percussionist), Herminio Ortega (violin) , Elena Berenguer (violin), Francisco Serra (viola), Verónica Rubio (violoncello) and Alfonso Lozano (double bass).

They will be performing pieces by Johannes Brahms, Johann Strauss, Alfred Margis and popular Christmas carols such as “Stille Nacht”, “Fum, Fum, Fum” and “Adeste Fideles”. The program covers both compositions from the Christmas tradition and some of the most famous dances performed in the different New Year’s concerts in the Central European countries.

The general director of the Casa del Mediterráneo, Andrés Perelló, explained that the concert is one of the activities that is organised in the town of one of the consortium members and stressed that the programme prepared by maestro García Vidal will be “very interesting for all the residents of Xàbia and the rest of the region.”

The councillor responsible for Culture, Mavi Pérez, added that it was a pleasure to have this group of musicians in Xàbia directed by García Vidal, who is also the director of the RTVE Orchestra. She also said that, along with this concert, this weekend there are other musical options from the Centre Artístic Musical de Xàbia, Ars Nova and the Grup de Danses del Portitxol, in a programme that her department has prepared with care and dedication to the delight of all the residents.

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Finally, the mayoress of Xàbia, Rosa Cardona, thanked the Casa del Mediterráneo for organizing this concert in our municipality in the days before Christmas and hopes that it will be the beginning of a closer relationship and that more the town will be able to enjoy more acts and events by the consortium to continue projecting the image of an integrative and welcoming Xàbia to other countries in the Mediterranean.